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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

7:45 kick off


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11 minutes ago, Leyther_Matt said:

Should add about 5,000 on the gate going by previous discussions on here. Can’t say it makes much difference to me but hopefully it has a positive effect. 

that was before those pesky garage folk came in 

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It doesnt matter to me, but hart reckons its down to feedback from fans

They pushed folk into the membership scheme to allow for better communication - his story, not mine

I wonder if anybody here was asked their opinion?

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Just now, radcliffe white said:

You still must have a dash on your hands? 

Been a while since I checked properly and it's dependent on trains running on time through Parkway but I can just about make the last Notts train with a 1945 KO

Or just crash at mates house in Horwich 😃

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22 minutes ago, Burndens Bogs said:

It was Maggie Tetlow who raised this issue again at the end of last sesson.

Good for her, and good for Neil Hart for acting upon it. It's long overdue.

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As someone who walks to the game this will make minimum impact to me. 

I also suspect its a 25 year old "problem" that has been spouted again and again by people that wouldn't have turned up on a Tuesday if they got a lift in a Rolls Royce, a free Carrs pastie and noshed off by Sharon. 

Attendances will tell... 



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1 hour ago, BOWTUN BAKED said:

As long as Maggie & the rest of the ST are happy, fook everyone else!

Don't remember being consulted on this, how about being a bit more inclusive?


See post above

Neils got the details of every season ticket holder which, after all, was the point of the membership scheme


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