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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

This Seasons Fixtures


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4 minutes ago, Steejay said:

Leeds getting all the south stand?

We'll have that, they can have the rest!

3 minutes ago, Biggish Dave said:

These crap cups need better names - I thought we had Leeds in the league cup and Salford in the freight rover trophy.

Just waiting on Anglo Italian draw now then we're set.

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6 hours ago, Marc505 said:

I find all this sort of stuff fascinating, there was an article on BBC other day about how they sort the Scottish ones out it's a huge operation!

Pre-computer days were more interesting.

I studied the Division One 1908-09 season ( even though we were in Div Two).

Each of the 20 clubs were given Saturday fixtures home and away against 16 opponents and left to arrange the matches with the other 3 clubs.

Newcastle (eventual champions) began with 3 home games, placing one on the first Wednesday of September (the football season was strictly only months with an R in), and bringing forward one from FA Cup second round date (by agreement of Bristol City) to the next Wednesday. 

Manchester United opted for the money option, playing home matches on Boxing Day, New Year's Day and Good Friday, (with away matches on Christmas Day, Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday).

The Wednesday went for a fan friendly Christmas period, with their scheduled home match against Bury on 19 December followed by Sheffield United away on Christmas Day, with the home reverse fixture on Boxing Day, then Arsenal home on Bank Holiday Monday 28th December, and home to Leicester Fosse on New Year's Day before a scheduled home against Aston Villa on Saturday 2nd January.

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7 hours ago, desperado said:

28th Jan is a bitter sweet dilemma. Think I’d sacrifice a 4th round place in FA cup to keep Charlton on the Saturday…..

And the chances of Charlton also being out as well . The only way we we will be playing Charlton is if we draw them in the cup  that weekend .
So that’s another London midweek 2 years on the bounce 

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I see Fleetwood Town have the honour of being our opponents as the club will no doubt mark the 100th anniversary of " The Lads of '23 " winning one of the most iconic games in English Football History. 

Got some good vibes about this centenary - its surely scripted that we mark the occasion by taking another significant step back to where we belong.


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9 hours ago, farnworth white said:

It’s a plus that all current 5 non Saturday home games are when many kids are off school so chances of a few more ticket sales for the evening games.

Aye. I will deffo be bringing my lad to at least one league night game before school starts. 

He did the pizza cup one last year but they kicked off at 7. 

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6 hours ago, radcliffe white said:

Good for you guys that way

much prefer the London route and I shave an hour off each way 

Was coming out about £180 with railcards for me and junior tho.  But I ant doing 10 hours on a train with 6 changes going the Leeds way.

What’s the cheapest you’ve found for the London route ?

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