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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

England Lionesses


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1 hour ago, London Wanderer said:

Great answer 😁

I'm with you though. It is nonsense to compare Rooney's record to Whites. Other than stating how many of Whites have been against much, much worse opposition. But I really don't see any harm in it. I doubt Rooney is annoyed in any way. All it does is just inspire more girls to get off Instagram and out and about playing football. 

Rooney did score 5 against San Marino. I wonder how they (SM) would get on against a top women's team.

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There was some great play from England tonight. Yes there were mistakes from their keeper but it seemed to me that they were the result of the pressure we were applying.

I always forget that no male keeper has ever made a mistake.


Anyway, can’t wait to take my daughter and her team to Wembley on Sunday. Come on England!!!

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As posted a cpl of weeks back, like russo up top and a proper cheeky goal, but come on, she has to bury the original one

Alex scott shouldve told wright (wtf did he have on) to fuck off when hes pushing for white to be dropped

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Just saw the Russo finish again. Back heel was brilliant but the build up for the goal was superb. The turn and pass from Walsh was amazing. She’s got some vision that player.

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