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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Wycombe (H)


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4 minutes ago, freds dad said:

Great all round performance, jeans not used.

Back home to Macclesfield and drinking heavily in the garden.

Life’s good when we play well and win.

How's it looking?

Anyway, Chinese for me. Might eat it in the m-i-ls garden as three nieces will be screeching loudly.

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7 minutes ago, Casino said:

5 police cars with full blues flying up towards ground, bottom end of CNR about 515

Surely its not kicked off

May be Wycombe finally turned up must of been about 300 of them today terrible turn out saying there last away game was a Wembley play off final 

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21 minutes ago, BobyBrno said:

Great afternoon. Good football and good company. Met people from school, work, past customers and fans from the Burnden days. Special mention to @bolty58and @tomski

The Whites are going up! 👍

had a good chat to @bolty58 in the hotel after 

nice to see him 

he got a couple of books of  Smiley 

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4 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Around half an hour to get served? Everyone will he trying any trick to get a beer quicker. :)


We left after 15 min queuing and went to the hotel around 1.15. Not complaining as it was the first day. Lessons to be learnt. No problem after the match but we did leave a little early.

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Loved it today. Great atmosphere about the place, everyone you speak to loves going again. 

Our right back had a great game. Dissent wont be missed if he continues in that form.

Kids having a photo with lofty as the 2nd went in. Happy days, we’ve started a season in august and not mid autumn.


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Great win with the added bonus of meeting Boby Brno, Little Whitt, Anewman, Smiley, Bowtun Baked and a few others my brain is currently too fried to remember. I'll be better when the fog has cleared tomorrow.

Superb win.

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