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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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18 hours ago, Zico said:

And replaced with what?


3 hours ago, marple whites said:

Water fountains like the airports etc

Got you, thought it was being suggested folk will stop drinking water 

They should also bring in those consumable bubble things for events like 10ks and marathons

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We called in just before 7, queue wasn't too bad but they had a spell where all the lager was off as it was 'too warm' 🙄 Ended up getting a pint in the ground quickly, so although the Fanzone might appear to be doing OK, but would be interesting to see if it is not incremental sales and just moving sales from inside to outside the ground.

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Walked in, 3 stewards paying no notice… Some saxophone player on full volume, 10 seconds later one of said stewards grabs me. Actual assaulted me. What the actual fuck. Wants to see my ticket, which I don’t have. Show him a random Whatsapp and he’s happy. No please, thank you, not the slightest hint of any form of customer care or even basic politeness. Really lucky he didn’t get arrowed on the spot. 

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8 hours ago, radcliffe white said:

What was the queue’s like tonight? 

Queue’s much better than Saturday. About an hour before kick-off it was only about 6/7 deep, got served within 5 mins. 

Mate of mine got a Nam-Ploy tub of noodles and loved it.

The black clouds looked very ominous at one stage - not sure how we would have all taken shelter under 3 gazebos!

Didn’t mind the Sax guy (during the times he was able to sort himself out to play!)

David Lee and SJM spoke for a bit (but I couldn’t hear them! 😂)

Memory might be playing tricks from Saturday - but I don’t think they had 2 screens then? Anyway a 2nd screen will be good when there’s a live game on.

One observation from our lot talking about how close it is to the walk-over bridge, which should make it interesting when we have large followings coming off the train…let’s see on Saturday…

Anyway all in all a pretty positive start for the Fanzone I would say.

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1 minute ago, Traf said:

Does anyone ever use the bridge?

You’re right, you don’t see many on there….. let’s hope it’s popularity with its high vantage point next to the Fanzone doesn’t increase 😂

We had our tickets checked (with a glancing look), they’ll have to be a bit more officious Saturday 

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