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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Lincoln (H)


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5 hours ago, DazBob said:

Bridcutt was a bit of a myth.  He came with a reputation probably too good for us at the time.  When playing in midfield he did okay, but only okay. 

Then being played as a CB was one of the most dickish decisions ever made by that dick Hill.

It was a bit ironic that despite being the smallest player in the team, he was still our tallest dwarf.

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13 hours ago, gonzo said:

I cant name a Lincoln City player past or present.

They seem to be one of those clubs that just doesn't do famous players either on their way up or on their way down. 

The only exception I can think of is John Fashanu, 36 games and 11 goals 83-84.

I was surprised their record transfer fee received was £500k for Gareth Ainsworth in the 90s and even more so that the buyers were the mighty Port Vale.

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1 hour ago, Casino said:

Peterbrough was much worse than Accy

Bridcutt was behind the keeper for much of the game


Also, i disagree with @DazBob

Good player Bridcutt. Not mobole enough for Evatt, but easy good enough for a team top end of div 3

Agreed, quality player with class on the ball and bite in the tackle.  Criminal of Hill to put him in defence.  

Also captain material which over the last few years has been few and far between.  The only others in that category in recent times are Gary O'Neill and Karl Henry, that I can recall.

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26 minutes ago, gonzo said:

Bridcutt was on trial at Blackpool in the Summer. 



24 minutes ago, Casino said:

Makes me wonder why hes not playing

Made enough to not need to or crocked?

Think he’s still at Blackpool, it was only a week ago that they were talking about signing him.

Appleton signed him for Lincoln.

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10 minutes ago, freds dad said:

I need to get away straight after the match and I'm thinking of parking on the hotel. Does anyone else use it and what's it like for getting off?

Great for getting off if you dont hang about after game.

Straight off on the slip road to roundabout.

Even better with a small away following and not many coaches.

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