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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Lincoln (H)


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5 hours ago, bolton va va said:

Bridcutt signed at Blackpool on 1 year contract.

I wouldn't be thrilled if we signed him now in div 1 so it looks a bit desperate B/pool signing him in the championship. We'll see.

There's a lot of "its who you know" in football and Bridcutt was signed by Appleton for Lincoln.

And Blackpool have Callum Connolly, Keshi Anderson and Madine and I wouldn't have them in our league one team either.

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8 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

One day..

A theoretical situation:

We're 5-0 up and get a penalty in the last minute. Charles steps up with a chance for his hat trick.

What are you hoping for :)


A signal to cash out 

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Didn't make Sunderland last season so was watching on a stream 

At 5-0 in 87th minute I went to cash out at 150/1 or whatever it was 

But my stream was behind and it was already 6-0 

Though I had John last goal at something like 40/1 so there was some comfort to be had 

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48 minutes ago, DomRepWanderer said:

How easy is to park there?

Piece of piss mate. Was full for Villa and Sheff match but I was about 5 mins before KO. 

Easy on days like this. 

Only downfall is having to be away before end of game. If you dont, you may as well stay for a beer or summet to eat for an hour after.

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