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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Free to a good home . My collection of BWFC programmes ( 1960s to almost current day)


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Hi , I'm having a clear out . I have 100's of BWFC programmes , from 1960s to about 2015 (when I stopped buying them)

Loads of homes, lots of aways from Pompey to Carlisle and all bits in between 


There are several fanzines in there too, tripe n trotters, white love , here we go again. I've even got some away fanzines , Leicester, West ham , Chelsea . I've got some early When Saturday Comes and several BEN cuttings from memorable matches .

I've got about 6 boxes full. I'd prefer them to go to a genuine fan , not someone who's going to trade and sell them . They are all in really good condition too.

I live in Nottingham, so would have to meet whoever wants them in the retail car park , prior to Saturday's Lincoln game ( I've started parking in Next car park ) and transfer them from car to car . 

Send me a message on here if you want them.


I've took out the Wembley tickets from 1953 and tickets from the Burden disaster  ( my late uncles ) and I will give those to BWFC.






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2 hours ago, Casino said:

what a fantastic offer


if you chucked in the offer of a lift to @Marc505 who is also in nottingham, i bet hed give you a big kiss

😃 I'm set for this weekend, another couple of nights crashing in my uncles spare room. Seen more of me the last 2 months than they have in the previous 5 years!

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5 hours ago, Nottm_Wanderer said:

Never been , so no . 

I was Nottingham_Blancs until I locked my account 


Are you the Nottinghamshire based Wanderer who asked the oft spoke of question about re-rubbering a cricket bat handle?

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On 27/09/2022 at 21:08, Francis Fogarty said:

Where is George anyway ?

Probably frequenting brass houses on his lunch break and smelling his fingers of an afternoon. 

He was one of my favourite ever posters on here. 

He was probably just a pre incarnation of Rudy 

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