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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Burton H


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Just now, paulhanley said:

Unbelievable. That type of win with a brace of very late goals comes almost as rarely as coming from 2-0 down away. 

IE has got to start taking the handbrake off this team. 


Agree 100% 

Not many teams can live with us in this league when we go for the jugular.Thats why it's so frustrating at times

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Get the fuck in! Great win

We were terrible, but there’s no doubting the spirit in the team and winning games when you’re not at your best is always a good thing.

Feels like we’ve got away with one (why does it take us so long to play with intensity?) but a massive 3 points with another very winnable game coming up.

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Love that we never give up, what a feeling that was !

Main gripe tonight was set pieces. Need Iredale and Dempsey off them asap. Especially with Morley then Sheehan on the pitch.

If Baka doesn’t take that chance so early, the keeper gets that. Time wasting  fuckers got what they deserved.

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Left on 85 mins 1 down cos it was just fucking winding me up. Had a right rant lined up 🤣

but great determination and resolve shown once again. Huge win that 

what I will say is, first shot on target 80 mins plus? We’ve got to stop letting the fucking fodder like that in this league a chance to pinch results 

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For what could have been a deeply average Tuesday night, that ended like a proper fucking mental one.

I fucking LOVE football me, I do.

Imagine only wanting to whine like a bitch constantly rather than soaking up the unmatched joy of a 98th minute winner against a team of twattish, talentless fucknoses.

Your loss.

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Can't be fun watch being a Burton fan surely if that is what they see each week, the ball is hardly in play, you have to wait for a player to run the other side just to do a short throw-in(time wasting) or a long one, your keeper takes forever to kick the ball/get on with things, your team are so reliant on set pieces that you don't much of actual passing and moving.

They were at it for the entire match, ref should have known early and gave yelllows, would have been nice to see Dapo's great chance go in 1st half to see if they have any footballing ability rather than hit and hope and set pieces.

Bolton were poor tonight for a lot of it, but those numerous chances when the subs came on meant we deserved it, thankfully their goalie wasn't the hero for his scummyness, 7 minutes added on was generous for them.

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