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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Donations to help run WWs


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got an invoice from the guy who hosts the site, he'll make sure it's all kept up to date and that and stays uyp and running

for reference/clairty/transparency below is a screengrab of the invoice (with some more sensitive details taken out)

think the best way to do this is via a fundraiser on paypal, because I am able to set the target at £123 - not sure what happens if it goes over that, but will update this thread to say when it's been met and no need for further donations at this time

link is here:


once we get to £123 I'll pay the invoice

then when the next one comes along, we can repeart this process

FWIW, we've had one before for £60 which I paid and never got round to chasing money on, but not arsed


that's all for now I think

reply or DM us if any questions or anything


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we've hit £130 already in just 9 donations

cheers to all

in particular the one who donated £50

will get the invoice paid next week and do it all again when the next one arrives

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1 hour ago, Casino said:


Been asked if folk can still donate?

Well aye 

Can either keep it till the next invoice or donate to the hospice or some charity close to Neil's family 

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8 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Why not just let everyone that wants to pay do so, and see how far it gets us?

If it lasts a year or two or whatever, then fine.

Fine by me 

It's a PayPal account linked to my bank account but I don't use it so the money will just sit there regardless waiting to be used 

Happy to give periodic updates on the balance  

Can set up a donation button at some point so folk can do so as they please 

And if we're short when an invoice turns up, will just ask for more

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