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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Shrewsbury Town Away

Big E

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1 hour ago, Zico said:

looks like @Marc505really did choose the wrong season to get to every game

Im in now, and I won't be trying it again 😂

1 hour ago, desperado said:

I had a good chat with him on Saturday. It really does seem like every fixture change and train strike is a personal vendetta against his challenge. Whether he pulls it off or not, it’s a fantastic effort 👏 Would love to toast a pint to him at Bristol

Something happens every single time I attempt a journey and although it is funny when I'm on the other side of them, it really does show up how terrible a state our transport system is in...

So when something not connected to poor service happens like a fire evacuation the minute I walked into Notts station on Friday night costing me over an hour, it just all starts to feel a bit cursed 😃

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