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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Shrewsbury Town Away

Big E

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1 hour ago, Casino said:

And did they suggest looking into the issue

was it your card or their end

these are things, for me, they should look into

on this occasion, it didnt matter but what about if it was Fleetwood

Not barclaycard but a bit of both really.  Visa and debit cards have both expired and the site wouldn't recognise or let me input new ones to my account.  

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5 minutes ago, Casino said:

See, thats on the club

I just dont believe they will do owt about it

It’s on Ticketmaster rather than the club. Although the club should press TM on any recurring issues like that.

I did notice when buying Barrow tickets on my mobile last night that it gave me the opportunity to save my card for future use. Worked a treat this morning buying Shrewsbury, going straight through with no need to wait for the usual security code by text etc.  

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46 minutes ago, Casino said:

Id also tell em to fuck the stupid captcha thing off

Load of bollocks when the clocks ticking

That's on TM too 

I fucking hate them 

But they are there to stop bots and touts flooding sales of big events 

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On 22/11/2022 at 18:02, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Won't need as many drivers soon. Redundancies incoming?

Hopefully. Fully deserved.


In fact, part of this dispute is a union demand that every employee who leaves is fully replaced. There are some areas where they're over-staffed but the Companies are offering redundancies. The Unions are demanding these are all replaced (so it's not a redundancy in legal definitions).

People who actually WANT to leave & get a pay-off are not able to.

ASLEF & RMT prior to this long running dispute & before Covid,  had called over 250 industrial (in)action ballots around the country in under 3 years.

RMT on the tubes have called strikes when drunk &/or drugged drivers have been caught driving whilst under the influence. 

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11 hours ago, Breightmet Boy said:

I’ve just heard off a pal who’s a Shrewsbury fan they let fans out pretty quickly, that’s a bonus for us getting back for the England game

11 hours ago, radcliffe white said:

How much time you need game will be done for 2.30

It's getting back to the town centre that'll be the pain in the arse. Pre-booked our taxi last year and it was easily 45 minutes between leaving the ground and actually getting back in to town. Be quicker walking.

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