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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Shrewsbury Town Away

Big E

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26 minutes ago, Marc505 said:

Go out at 12.30 today, check to see if its playable and if its not, call it. Its only going to get worse. Unless they're electric blankets.

That sounds a bit too much like common sense.

The irony is that it might be playable at 3pm.

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9 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

Shrewsbury don’t have a home game until 29th after us, sold out away end and home tickets selling well they will make sure this is on 

If the pitch is frozen it's frozen.  Not much they'll be able do about that regardless of how much they want it to be played.

Looking at the forecast it's going to be 0 degrees or below from 6pm tonight pretty much until kick off.

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1 minute ago, superjohnmcginlay said:

Would be typical!


Think the worse one I've endured was Spurs away in the FA Cup iirc, called off around 2pm with a waterlogged pitch as I was walking up to the ground. 

Aye, we heard on the tube escalator having just left the boozer. Crewe away was late as well. 

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3 minutes ago, Biggish Dave said:

Went to Luton on the travel club for a cup replay - got the motorway exit, police held the coach up for 10 mins then turned us around when the game was off. That was about an hour before kick off


Original sat game [postponed with loads of Bolton there - frost maybe

Rearranged for Tuesday night - called off just as coaches pulling into Herford - fog

Played following night

None of this 10 days notice bollocks that plod insist on

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14 minutes ago, gaztruman said:

It's a brand new stadium, how the hell do they not have under pitch heating?!

You'd be surprised how many don't have it tbf

Got to hope that a good portion of the pitch will get the sun. Get the blowers on under the covers on the other half and we've got a fighting chance.

If they leave it until tomorrow then plenty of folk will already be on their way even by dawn.

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