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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Fleetwood (A)


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Loads of chances, completely deserved, Beck inside the first 2 minutes and was denied by a great save 2nd half, Charles within 2 minutes of 2nd half blazing over, Jones and Bradley linked well to put a lot of low balls across the box but just didn't fall for us or we we're denied, however from the left side we did the same thing and got 2 goals from it, that would have been a travesty had we not won, 2nd half was so one sided despite them hitting a post.

Pretty sure Fleetwood should have got at least one red, a clear intentional elbow on Kachunga.

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We can't keep doing this, but what a win.

Sadlier made a huge difference - he just has the ability to create & do something different & a very cool finish from Dapo.

We do have issues in this side that need to be addressed, but the spirit & desire to keep going can't be questioned - and although I'm not a big fan of Evatt no one can say that they didn't play for Evatt in the 2nd half today.

We do need some steel & physicality in the side though & a proper CF - but lets just celebrate this win.


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it's easy to jump on Kachunga, but he offers nothing, no goals or owt, he always as his back to goal when the ball comes to him, it's like he's in the side to track back and try and link play facing our midfielders, there's nothing penetrative about him, if he was in Sheehan's position for our 2nd goal, he wouldn;t have changed direction, he's have played backwards or sideways.

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2 minutes ago, stevieb said:

This aged well. 

To be fair all the subs played well. I have no issue with sads coming on but he's not a LWB. He could of brought both on if he wanted. Sheehan was quality when he came on too. It shows though that Declan John I'd well out of it if he can't get a game in those circumstances. 

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The team that finished is geared to all out attack which is pretty much what we have to do as we always seem to go behind these days.  I understand that Evatt doesn't want to risk that from the start  - the "you have to win the right to play" mentality - and Kachungs/Charles do work very hard, but they spend half their time chasing back to the halfway line. When we get into a position to keep a striker up top e.g. JDB it looks so much better. At some point we have to find the right balance but I'd be happier if we had a striker who can hold it up and link play from the start and neither Kacha or Charles are geared up for that.

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