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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Fleetwood (A)


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Just now, athywhite1958 said:


Derby fan I know reckons they have 5000 plus demand for away tickets 

I don't know if this is true but I did have to remind her that not all grounds offer that 

They seem to believe their are 'on loan' to this league and will be gone. All the punishments they got last season weren't fair etc 

In true WW style, a decent handful and have shagged her 

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Jeez not been today and got dragged into family stuff so only just got on here to share the joy.

Instead there is a geography based squabble. 😂😂

Just enjoy it, we scored an 85th minute equaliser and the players just ran back to restart the game and we get a 96th minute winner. 

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21 minutes ago, bwfc87 said:

Anyone heard what happened first half when game stopped and the Ref was speaking to both captains. Not heard IE say anything about it but when Brown was asked he just said “we’ll speak about that later”?

Was a weird one that, like something had been said and reported. Assume we’ll find out if it’s serious 

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3 hours ago, Black Sheep said:

Now I know why all if not every decent lad over the years who originally posted on here has now stopped.


3 hours ago, Spider said:

You made a stupid post. Stop being mard

To be fair spider gets more wrong than most on here but you are helping him out.

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