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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

My First Ever Game.

leigh white

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3 hours ago, gonzo said:

Times you touched the ball..

Brum at home in that 3-3 with about 10k on. Lowest ever for a league game I think. Always mix the and QPR up around the same time.

Wigan at Home in cup which was incidentally my lads first proper game. Ball got booted out of play straight from kick off and I headed the fucker. Lad thought it happened every week :D

Two ball touches in 30 odd years. Crap really.

NSL in stoppage time when we were beating Blackburn. Brad Friedal screaming at me to give the ball back so I chucked it further back in to the crowd. They equalised in the extra time added on because of the delay. Dick. 

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My first two games were night matches towards the end of 72/73 season when it looked like we were doing very well. Sat in Burnden Stand with my mum and brother and the bloke from next door but one and his son. Not a clue who against or what the score was.

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My first match, I had to look up these details, was a Wednesday night match ... 5 September 1962. Just short of 6 years old, 45,097 (+1) on .v. a team from Salford & we won 3-0. Dad took me as an early birthday present.

We were on the Embankment, I was handed over the turnstile by the Manchester Road entrance and I was perched on a barrier to the left of the goal, high enough up that the floor was that black, compacted coal dust/shale.

I remember that and being surrounded by loud, cheering grown ups more than once. I had to ask my dad what colour we were.

There were Salford types in the Embankment too & I recall some shouting and pushing & shoving.

That really is all I recall of it, except that it began in the light but got dark & colder by the end and we left 5 minutes before.

Bolton's squad was: Eddie Hopkinson; Syd Farrimond, Roy Hartle; Ian Threllfall, Brian Edwards, Warwick Rimmer, Denis Holden; Freddie Hill, Wyn Davies, Peter Deakin, Brian Pilkington.

The opposition was, David Gaskell; Shay Brennan, Tony Dunne (before he saw the light); James Nicholson; Bill Foulkes Nobby Lawton, Johnny Giles, Albert Quixall; David Herd, Dennis Law, Ian Moir*.

No subs in those days.

Bolton's scorers were Davies, Pilkington & Hill.

We lost, 0-3, played only a week later, as was the fashion those days. There were only 37,951 there.

We finished the season 18th, one place & one point above the Red gits. Man City & Leyton Orient were relegated.

*17 years later I was working for a Company on the Wirral where Ian Moir was a shift worker. Lovely guy. I played with him for the factory team in the West Cheshire League. He was George Best's understudy for years. I had no idea till now that he'd been in this match.


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On 14/11/2022 at 21:09, Elvis said:

Nov 1971 Vs Chelsea League cup with about 29,000 on and lost 0-6. Stood on tall steps on Embankment under scoreboard. Charlie Wright in goal for us and Peter Bonetti (The Cat) for Chelsea. 

Went to the 1-1 draw at their place before the 6-0. Loads of Bolton and a great day. We got them in the fa cup same season at Stamford Bridge and lost 3-0 and their lot was waiting in the area end and it wasn’t a good sight

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9 hours ago, RUREADY2ROLL said:

Went to the 1-1 draw at their place before the 6-0. Loads of Bolton and a great day. We got them in the fa cup same season at Stamford Bridge and lost 3-0 and their lot was waiting in the area end and it wasn’t a good sight

I was there also mate. Graham Rowe's greatest game for us. Loads of us in the Shed and wandered under the stand at half time to get to the North Stand where their big lads were (singing about some fucker with a 'staircase nose' for the entire second half). Turned out to be grand lads and we ended up on the piss with them.

Couldn't get my head around a skirmish we had half way round with a bunch of gooners. Still can't. Wouldn't have thought Chelsea would have welcomed any of that lot loitering around inside their stadium.

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On 09/11/2022 at 17:14, Totty Whites said:

January 1967 , 3rd round FA cup won 1:0 no idea who scored.

Remember the smell of fag smoke mixed with the smell of Asphalt from the old Viking factory at the back of the Burnden Terrace

My first match too .

Ses earlier in the thread .

28 January 1967


BWFC 1 Crewe 0

Franny Lee ( pen )

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