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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

UniBol WC Fan Park


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42 minutes ago, DazBob said:

Stops anyone going in there and not supping I suppose, not that I could imagine anyone doing that.

It's not really faff though.  In fact, if anything, it'll make it easier/quicker for you and your lad to get your first pints.

Booked a full day in for Monday.  I've never known such apathy for an international tournament.

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2 hours ago, DazBob said:

As said above, unless you weren't planning on having a pint, paying a fiver to get in won't make a difference to your pocket.

I wasn't. 

Why not just click folk in? Can't imagine it's going to be over subscribed. I'm not in the mood for fannying around with e-tickets.

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was half decent about 3/400 outside, wasn't as baltic as i thought it may be. free pint for the entry fee of a fiver and no dramas getting a beer like matchdays, only the main bar open which was more than enough. there were a couple of food bits open the pizza and chicken tikka wrap gaffs. lot of bladdered youth there. the stewards were fewer in number and were quite chilled letting everyone vape an that without any mither.

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