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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Wanderers v Bristol Rovers


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Another early goal conceded & the changes took us a while to get going, with Beck alright going forward but a liability defensively......but, positives, Toal had a good steady game, strong in defence & safe on the ball, Charles took his goal well, livened us up & hopefully this will set him off , Baka was an effective sub, & again the team showed fighting spirit to keep going to the end.

A bit to work on but i'm calling it a point gained.

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41 minutes ago, Burndens Bogs said:

I reckon there was closer to 13k on.

A frustrating night, not helped by a shocking Ref & shithouse timewasting oppostion, although you wouldn’t expect anything else from a Joey Barton side.

If we’d scored first we would have won the game comfortably.

Perfect summary.

Frustration certainly the overriding emotion. When are we going to get in front in the first half!!??

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Mostly under par against a shithouse side. Recurring theme really, but, we're still picking up points when previous Bolton sides would cave. I'd love to see the offside call again though, looked fine to me?

Kachunga is surely finished, clearly Evatt has his hands tied by Sharon (i.e. try to make your high earning player a goal machine or a saleable asset), as he really doesn't add anything. 

Thought Toal stepped into the Santos role fairly well. Definitely a positive addition to the team. 

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I could write a whole paragraph on the horrific officiating as usual against us once again and the shithousing opposition but I want to focus on us 

We have got no one else to blame for these dirty tactics except ourselves. We have very well been playing most matches in a pattern of allowing teams to go up front early on, with a late push in the 2nd half to claw back.

There are positives for sure, I think we have scored the most goals in the last 15 in the country, however for me there is some very obvious flaws which Evatt is frustratingly not addressing.

Kachunga... I can't even talk about, just simply nowhere near good enough. We cannot be relying on him, when he has scored 2 goals over 50+ matches. How Sadlier is not getting an opportunity as a 10 ahead of him I cannot understand.

We need to simply start games better, I cannot remember the last time we took a lead in a game. 

Side note: Thought Johnston was fantastic today and won most headers against their 6ft 5 striker. Toal looked good too, and if we are going to continue with 5 at the back id like to see him RCB ahead of Gethin Jones, who has been poor for a while.

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4 hours ago, RUREADY2ROLL said:

IE might think he is a nice looking boy. Stubborn get is Evatt was the same with continuing to play Crellin and not having a goalie on the bench

It's pretty well established that Evatt realised the problem with Crellin as soon as everyone else did, difference is he had to wait for Gilks to get fit enough to take over.

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Beck will have been nervous last night as would Toal with it being home debuts in the league but both settled ok from 15 mins in. Unfortunately the damage was done.

Getting frustrated we give opposition the chance to time waste and rough things up. We have to find a way of going 1 up.

Delighted to see Charles score, especially after his miss earlier on.

Can't see Thomasson playing again for a while, he knew it was serious when he went down. MJ looked good when he came on though.

Johnston was quality against their big stump, don't get some of the grief he gets to be honest

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10 hours ago, barrycowdrill said:

90 minutes of irrelevance sandwiched between 2 goals 

And I won’t listen to anyone’s justification for Kachunga’s inclusion in any capacity any longer. Awful 

Absolutely. How Sadlier cant get in the first 11 before Shitunga is mind boggling!

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