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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Lincoln City (A)


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6 hours ago, Lostock Whites said:

1 shot on target Vs Lincoln

2 shots on target Vs Derby

3 shots on target Vs Exeter

3 shots on target Vs Shrewsbury

This is concerning, especially when our strikers have such low conversion rates.

We would have a significantly higher number of shots on target though, if the conversion rate was higher.

Yes we can look to create more chances, but if baka and Kachunga bag their chances then we score 3, and win comfortably, and the stats take on a lower meaning.

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23 minutes ago, Mounts Kipper said:

Think we would score more goals if Dapo was allowed to play left in a 3, not sure why it’s such an issue to play a system that suits our best player. 

Indeed. I also think we'd score more if he played on the right- he likes to come inside and go at defenders from the left, which he's still capable of doing either side as he can use his left leg. He would also be a huge threat going the other way and getting in crosses and cut backs. That would give a full back even more of a headache.

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28 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

Noticed that Ipswich’s official following was 2039 compared to our 1257, they mustn’t of included pay on door as no way 800spare seats 

Impressive attendance noncing, that.

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