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  1. Fair to say this post has divided opinion! Apologies if opened up some old wounds... For anyone who did listen to this podcast episode with Alan Stubbs - I hope you enjoyed it - Alan does talk about the transfer situation with Blackburn and McAteer. Have a great weekend. All the best for next season. Cheers https://www.welldonemichaelhes13.com/podcast
  2. Hi guys - hope it’s cool to post this here - podcast interview with Alan Stubbs, which thought you might enjoy! He talks about his time at Bolton, including the famous 4-3 playoff final win v Reading! https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/well-done-michael-hes-13/id1512125760?i=1000485659009 https://open.spotify.com/show/0w6aa6ybooWhiJHEndxcfG?si=feHFCpJQR2u6NQArwV2MhA Any feedback would be really appreciated. And if any other Bolton greats you would love to hear from, please let us know! Cheers
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