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  1. I was warned about people in here by others, and like a fool I came back. Thats me out. So long.
  2. Its weird because the players do look capable but they dont win. I dont watch every week, I listen on the radio, and so I wont be as clued up as yourself. You have to keep the same team when it performs otherwise the players wont form a bond and know what the other will be doing etc.
  3. I agree with that, we were not that bad, but not good enough. It isnt gelling, the players do seem to be capable of performing and today there are moments where they show what they are capable of. But before they gel and become a championship side they will be relegated :lol:. I dont blame the manager, it isnt him. He cant help howling mistakes from individual players. Like todays first goal, how is that the managers fault? The first goal was a players fault. And one goal like that, and its the end of the game when you cant score. I dont follow them like I used to so I really am not in a
  4. I am based in reality because of my age and experience. I do prefer lighter subjects and I appologise for lowering the tone
  5. I dont blame you, I should start myself :lol:
  6. I know, I am bored and I dont drink :lol:. I should read a book.
  7. I am not running a School. Business is not a nice place. I am only on about all these shít players they keep signing. And I am ignorant of how much they have paid for whom etc, if they are on loan then its fine, but if a lot of money has been paid then its crazy. Thats all.
  8. When you are truly familiar with business, and business people, you know what the reasons are for people investing in a business.
  9. The rot started long ago. The club will lose all its fans is the outcome of it, progressively.
  10. You have to look at who is signing these players. There will be lots of money for agents and the like. The amount of shít footballers that this club signs. So many footballers that are not footballers. If these footballers are on loan, then thats fine, but if the club has paid a lot of money for them, then it is dodgy ( I dont follow them like I used to so I dont know who has paid what for who ).
  11. On the upside, Sheffield need to clean one of their sinks out.
  12. You want to look at who is signing these players. Unless they are all on loan, then its understandable. However, and I dont know, as I dont follow them like I used to, but I hope they havent payed very much for them. Cos its the players not the manager.
  13. True. But if you are gifting goals you cant hope for anything. Its like eating 20 big macs a day and thinking that going to the gym is going to make that ok.
  14. This isnt Parkys fault. Boltons played well. Individual errors from players gifting goals is the players fault.
  15. Defence all over the place again there. You cant hope for anything when every week the defence is gifting goals. Its been going on for seasons.
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