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  1. Touchy, touchy. Feeling the pressure girls :lol:, chomp, chomp, chompy, chomp. Billy Bollox big club no more. If you do it good luck to you. If you fail yet again so many more will be laughing at you once more! If we fail so be it that's what everyone expects. We'll see :lol:.
  2. No probs. Nice of you to ignore the Covid stuff at our place. Our lot did the right thing and stopped away as requested by our club. Your ignorant mob did as they pleased, as did your directors, team and staff?? For Christs sake stop at home! If you do it good luck to you but don't risk peoples health in the process. Enjoy the play offs if Crawley stuff you as anticipated.
  3. Calling Notlob. Don't want to worry you but our old mates from Creepy have assured us they are determined to finish you off on the last day! We have an affinity with them from the old non-league days and they have assured us they will do you on the last day! Waste your money by going down by all means, it will only make them more determined to do the necessary to assist their old Shrimp mates. :lol:. UTS.
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