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  1. thank you kindly for your offer and for making me realise that i have been typing as i usually text and do look like an illiterate spastic! I dont own a wooly coat and therefore i dont think i meet your conditions. If you really do want to get rid of 2 tickets though i'm sure we could come to another arrangement
  2. no prob not. i'm the quiet one of the bunch, most of the time
  3. i'm not putting a picture on. dont want u all judging me just yet. wen i get my pics back from madrid i'll put em on
  4. am i gonna struggle for a nice cider n black in madrid. When i went watching real madrid i managed to find one liitle irish bar that had it but bleedin 7 euros a pint! if i have to drink sangria, rose or vodka i'm gonna be shat faced and not remember the game n possibly puke! cant be that messy all 4 days, my liver will shrivel
  5. robbing barstewards. Mite have to though. Got a friend on the case now who mite kno of a few spare tickets so mite be ok. if not prob take the risk n just wait till i get there n see wot happens. Ta very much tho x
  6. yeah i'm the one with the not quite so large knockers
  7. theres another girl too so could be either of us uve seen. like i say not been with zoe much this season. ive met some of u before so im not scared, yet and if zoe can handle you i'm sure i'll be fine.
  8. please no more calling me mandy. sounds like a brummie prostitutes name. Plz say theres no mandys on here now! N no i havent been in emmerdale, cant dislocate my hips from my thigh bones or know zico kelly (i dont think)
  9. haha, i thought someone would pick up on me scrounging on my first post Hello all. think i've met some of u before, not sure who n cant rem any names coz i'm always a tad tipsy. Once remember some1 telling me he liked goats!! ring any bells! i go alot of games with zoe, well not so much this season but before that i did. As for all the questions i have no idea wot yr taliking about
  10. I havent got any tickets for the game and it doesnt look like anymore are gonna be released now. u cant rely on lads to do anything right! In Marseille they let some fans pay on the door. Wot do u think the chances of that happening are? I'm so panicking now that i'm not gonna get in! Know of anyone that may have any spares? We've found 1 but need 3 more. Dont fancy it in the atletico end.
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