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  1. Not really feasable living in warrington. No bother I will get 1 from somewhere.
  2. As I don't have a st anymore can't moan but still gutted. So far turned 1 kop ticket down and 2 freebies in centenary stand. Gambling on Annie rd end at 5.20 or may go in pub. My main gripe is my 15 year old has a st but couldn't buy 1 online as he's a minor. They sold him his season ticket no probs as I only go 10/12 at home due to shifts. I've been loads of big bolton games over past 25 years but feel sorry for him as he was well pissed off. Ticket or not I will be at Rotherham next tue. ⚽️????????
  3. Liverpool away for me. Top day on the lash before and after the match
  4. MOOSE36

    Great Pic

    Looked superb from north upper and wen I heard labi siffre song it made a 44 year olds spine and arms full with goose bumps. So proud to support BWFC yesterday, something you don't always say about r club
  5. Waited till now to post but come on fella, keep the fight going. As said by someone else some of my dislikes for certain clubs have left me as am proud of the way they have got behind r lad. 20+ years of loathing stoke have now been quashed. Fair play to there 5 minute chant for fab at anfield on Sunday
  6. 2.05 citizenship 5ew 2.40 Boston bob 20 win nap 3.20 synchronised 10ew 4 cloudy lane 10ew 4.40 Bourne 5ew 5.15 Tara royal 5ew Hope I made it in time
  7. 1.30 baby mix 5ew Will post others before 2, just driving
  8. 1.30 peddlers cross 7ew 2.05 all the kings horses 5ew 2.40 noble prince 8ew 3.20 Oscar whiskey 10ew 4.00 salut flo 20 win nap 4.40 midnight appeal 10ew
  9. 1.30 soll 8ew 2.05 cotton mill 8ew 2.40 bobs worth 14 win 3.20 sizing Europe 14 4.00 final approach 5ew 4.40 vendor 20 win nap 5.15 Moscow manning 5ew
  10. 1.30 montbazon 5 win 2.05 sprinter sacre 10ew 2.40 quantitaseeing 10ew 3.20 hurricane fly 10ew 4.00 scotisirish 20 win Nap 4.40 querega 10 win 5.15 bless the wings 5 win
  11. MOOSE36

    Fa Cup 2012

    Don't want Sunderland in cup draw, would rather go to either merseyside clubs as I think we would/ could get a result at either. Am I deluded? Ohh and stay up for me
  12. 3-1 to super heroes in front of 22,685. Just starting to get me layers on in freezing Warrington, may make kick off like the mitchlin man
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