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  1. After a couple of cup defeats and a friendly defeat, a major concern is the soft goals we are conceding. What doesn't seemed to have been mentioned is what level of protection is being given by the midfield. We seem to have recruited some talented midfield players, Sarcevic, Crawford, White etc. But these players are not the "they shall not pass" type to protect the back 3. In my opinion the squad needs a teak tough defensive midfield player, who just giv.es the ball to the his ball playing team mates. Question: Are there any free agents out there who fit this profile?? Lets hope so
  2. What time does today's match kick off against the Railwaymen?
  3. Cheers, this interweb stuff is sooo confusing isn't it
  4. I've not got around to renewing my season ticket yet. Am i correct in thinking that I can now go to the club shop and re-new, rather than doing it via the on-line palaver
  5. Like a lot of us, I'm gagging to see this new team play. does anyone know how the cuff you go about spending your tenner and getting access to the live stream?
  6. I am looking to get a few tickets ( for mates) when they go on open sale on Friday 30th Jan. Season ticket holders are only allowed one each. The BWFC web site has a confusing statement regarding the open sale rules: "From 9am on 30th January the remaining seats will go on open sale to anyone with a previous purchase history prior to 9th January 2015" Does anyone know what the F*** that means. Are they on open sale or not ?????
  7. Given that Chris Eagles is a free agent, with Blackpool choosing not to offer him a contract extension, it seems a no-brainer for the Whites to offer this 29 year old a short term deal as per Heskey & Eidur. I think he would snatch their hands off I don't think he'll be asking for the sort of money that he was on previously and its likely Lenny could work his magic and get the lad playing to his potential. What do you think?????
  8. We are be strongly linked with a January loan deal for Nick Powell, as far as I know this lad is a midfield player. Super Lenny has regularly stated that the squad is unbalanced with too many midfield player. So, am I missing something, Is this lad a goal machine striker or what?????
  9. Does anyone know why Rob Hall has been frozen out of the First team squad? Is it anything to do with appearance fees that we would have to pay to West Ham as part of the deal?
  10. I understand that the Whites have agreed a deal with Crewe for their want-away striker Max Clayton. Was wondering if anyone knew much about the lad apart from: He is 20 years old; He has represented England from the U16s upwards. His middle name is James Lets hope Dougie puts him straight in, Rather than a dozen games in the Development squad.
  11. I am sick and tied of reading shed loads of negatives about the Wanderers in this Forum. Goodness knows we are all disappointed about a second successive abysmal start to the season, but I hereby challenge you as Wanderers Ways members and, presumably, loyal White fans to dig deep and force yourselves to type a few positives messages to lift every ones flagging spirits. Come on Boys and Girls. Its never been an easy ride being a Whites fan. But we stick at it. COYW,s
  12. I also have a feeling......tonight the NGOG will be let off the leash. Get a fiver on him to get the winner. Everton are pants and we are due a lucky bounce or 3 in the box. I feel it will be tonight. Prediction: Tofees nil : White Men 1 ( Ngog 61 mins). You heard it here first COYWM
  13. I'm hearing Bolton have made a bid to Schalke for ex Real Madrid legend Raul. He's 34 years old and scored 22 goals in 55 games last season in the Bundesliga. Question: Is Raul the right type of player for BWFC or will a signing like this just be a drain the coffers in terms of his wages? IMO He's a big name and everyone seems to be aching for us to sign one, but at 34years old he clearly isn't the future so I don't think we should sign him. What do the WW Forum experts think??
  14. I expect CITEH to play it very defensive & try to hit us on the break. Prediction a set peice header SKD 1-0 to the Whites. CYWM
  15. 0-0 with Petrov hitting the post and Jussi making a string of fine saves throughout the match. Get a fiver on it, the odds won't be bad & pay for your beer next Sunday. you know it makes sense
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