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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Lincoln staying at The Village in Bury if anyone wants to make a fire alarm go off In the early hours.
  2. Looking forward to being able to attend a game now cricket is done. fully expect a 1-0 loss and a dross game to welcome me back.
  3. Great result. Top performance too,
  4. 11 clubs in the league have voted for the merger, so assume association clubs too, no word from Ribblesdale If merger has been agreed from what I’ve seen but assumption is that it has with Bolton league tweeting it. Might be wrong though!
  5. Merger with Ribblesdale League according to Twitter.
  6. Went Friday. Enjoyed it but couldn’t quite get fully into it, think I was reeling for paying 17 quid for burger and chips for my lad.
  7. And in my current form I’d add to your wickets tally.
  8. Howfen and Horwich confirmed to GMCL. Welcome.
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