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  1. I’m still fully on board with it and him. At two nil my lad said to me “trust the process,” Its what I said to him at Weds away, and I do. I like the fact we play out, sometimes as frustrating as it can be it works, he knows. It’s brave. if the rumours about Sarce and his clique are true and he’s gone for the jugular and removed Sarce then again fair play. It’s a bold move. he has my backing
  2. Never felt we were out of it at two down, especially after the start we made, glad we fought back and deserved it. much needed after the past two weeks.
  3. What a weird development, Fully trust the club, just doesnt look very good after the week we have had. But there will be reasons. We go on.
  4. Poor first half, better 2nd. onto Saturday.
  5. Good god this is horrific
  6. It’s a tough one to take this. Gutted.
  7. Away at my caravan last week, a pie muncher saw my lads Bolton top and gave him a programme from the last match at Burnden from his brother in laws collection who had recently passed. A cracking gesture even from a pie eater, I already had my programme and my ticket framed. So going to frame his copy too. Loved that night, kopped off with a lass in the Burnden Terrace. There were a few ripping things off the back of the terrace end of the match so i snaffled a bit of the white timber which I still have. I was 16 when we left, I don't think I was aware of the enormity of the evening until a couple of years later Do miss Burnden, shame I wasn't quite old enough to be drinking alot round town, sneaked in the OId Three Crowns a couple of times, always wanted to go in Chester Moonshiones but never succeeded, it was only when it when it was Revolution and we moved to Reebok that I made it in there!
  8. Decent evenings entertainment that. But slow and sideways in the first half, thought Port Vale seemed well organised in defence, better second half moved it a bit quicker. poor goals we conceded. Dare I say Gilks should do better on their second? Gibbons arguing with the Lino and crowd as Isgrove broke away and squared it for Doyle was a highlight, Dapo is so good. Happy for Delf too.
  9. Enjoyed that, thought we weathered the storm early and settled in and played some good stuff. Thought Evatt changed it at the right time and the subs all had impact. They all scored a penalty too. Bak was superb when he came on. Santos looked at ease. cracking penalties all round for us. Comfortable and confident. all these things add up and with this winning mentality we have it’s bloody good to see these things swing in our favour! thoroughly deserved. good to be back!
  10. Best of wishes to Neil. Keep the battle up.
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