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  1. Loved that, thought that period after extra time was really good football. Sheehan is top notch for me. Brilliant to hear the fans. Brilliant to have a pint ordered at a bar, even if it was slow cos she didn’t know there was a game on and even better for a pie at half time. happy days.
  2. Not guilty. I was up in the Heineken Box.
  3. Champion this weather. glorious
  4. Willing to help however I can if it’s here or a new place. Don’t leave me behind! This place has helped my through some grim times and don’t think there’s not been many days I haven’t checked in here. From my first post asking for Roadrunner videos to now. Made some new pals along the way too.
  5. It’s an odd system/ I had to do a lateral flow to go to the cricket Saturday. You can register any result you want and choose which day you do / did the test, within a 24 hour time period. I could’ve not done the test and just registered the last flow test number and gone. I did the test and was negative btw, but it seems a nonsense. Wife’s just had 10 days at home being a lazy teacher cos she was pinged from a colleague, she’s jabbed and had it and tested every day negative but couldn’t crack on. Now the lads in isolation again as his bubble are all sent home.
  6. Off to the T20 Saturday, should be good!
  7. Where is best place to park at The County Ground on Tuesday?
  8. Ask him what’s his favourite way to kill an elephant
  9. cant log in from phone "says not secure are you sure to submit" i do and it refreshes to the log in. Cleared cache and cookies and balloned it, on and off again.
  10. Wifes jumping out of a plane, If you can help please do. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rachel-evans80?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=fundraising&utm_content=rachel-evans80&utm_campaign=pfp-tweet&utm_term=86f7d325ea74405d890b1f33d89ec96e
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