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  1. Get well soon and all the best Miami.
  2. Interesting appointment by Brum bringing in Spurs assistant head coach, Chris Davies.
  3. If anyone can provide, am looking
  4. Brum now needing a new manger, Mowbray has stepped down due to his illness, Rowett probably the main candidate?
  5. Feel drained this morning, it’s been a tough ride this season. We’ve got up for games as supporters. Think collectively we’ve all done our part even through that period when we played Blackpool and Wigan. dreading the fallout, who do we lose in the transfer window who would’ve stayed. Will we be weaker against the other teams who have dropped from Championship. there’s a lot to process.
  6. Hopefully we will end up playing Wrexham when you’re djing in Chester.
  7. Tier two was good, was in block 219 Getting a beer pre game and half time was superb. remember some mentioning it after last year, it didn’t disappoint saw a bit of infighting in 218 or around there towards the end, but overall thought it was ok, we stayed in Rickmansworth, easy tube back and a decent place to go. Kinell’ the day was almost perfect apart from them lot on the pitch,
  8. Still shocked by that today. so many questions. Even if Maghoma got done in minute one, why leave him on? We played with ten first half half and it cost us, when Dempsey came on we at least looked (all be it very briefly) more fluid. even if Maghoma says he’s ok, we needed to be more on it and get him off that’s the management. usually a bit more tolerant about a plan b, but today it was screaming for a change after 10 mins and we didn’t adapt, I dunno, i really don’t know. take a while for this to settle,
  9. And we move. see you down there. safe travels
  10. Some cracking Northern Lights in view tonight,
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