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  1. @MickyD @Tonge moor green jacket Well that’s no good, sorry you both had poor experiences down the club. I’ve not been aware of any theft issues before in my time there. Happy to peruse if needed. Not sure about the smoking coach too if you give us some more details will pass on to the junior coaching lot, It’s a well run club, again sorry for your bad experiences. @traf do pop down, think we play Bradshaw and Heaton this season so may be a few off here over. @L/H White Gin Pit is a very good set up, they have a cracking social set up, always a good place to play or watch.
  2. Looking forward to the season starting, anyone travelling to our place, Heywood, this season and I’m not playing happily have a pint waiting for you. Good luck to all playing and to the teams you support!
  3. Enjoyable that, good game to finish on for me, bat and ball starts next week. Wanted that chance of Charles’ to nestle in the bottom corner, 2nd half was good, Really looking forward to next season.
  4. Eriksen bagging with his first touch for Denmark, good to see.
  5. Did we win? I’m still in the queue at the Cheshire Inn.
  6. booked a spot as though was travelling for a qr code, was £5 when I did it. https://www.avantiwestcoast.co.uk/where-we-go/parking/crewe-railway-station-parking
  7. Is it going to be an arse getting the train back, I’ve booked a parking spot but would rather train just bothered about coming back and being overcrowded with the lad
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