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  1. They had some say in the matter.
  2. Still got my unused Plovdiv ticket
  3. Decent game of cricket to be involved in yesterday at Horwich, wrong side of the result for me. I’m too old for first team 😂
  4. Leave ten mins early 💣
  5. Quite glad I was in the air coming home from hols, when I saw the result as soon as we touched down I was genuinely taken a back. can’t comment on performance cos not seen it, but it’s hugely frustrating it keeps happening, thought we’d be well up for it given the last 3 results.
  6. Loved it! cricket season can resume now.
  7. I could be in here. Cricket should be rained off! could be the first opening game I’ve been to in years! guaranteed a 0-1 loss if that’s the case 😂
  8. Octopus do both gas and electric. I’ve got an Ohme Pro charger for my volvo hybrid. Takes about 5 hours to charge only get 40 miles electric but it’s ideal for mooching round and what I need. I use combination of both electric and unleaded on longer journeys, mines google so you tell it where you want to go and it works out where to use electric and fuel.
  9. Ariza Makakula Wayne Burnett Andy Cambell John Dreyer dunno/ doubt these are bizarre just ones I weirdly remember Along with Robert Fleck mentioned him a few times before. Think me and @gonzo both have said previously we thought we’d hit we’d hit the jackpot when we signed him 😂
  10. Cricket season still ongoing but expect a 2-0 win. think we’re going into the season well!
  11. Ok developer app and that? Used to put kodi on stuff, would like a service
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