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  1. Being 3 or 4 nil up would be a dream at anytime, in the current circumstances it would be a miracle 😊😊
  2. Amazing how things change. Last week fans from other clubs wishing us well. Now lots of criticism due to the raft of signings
  3. Just going back to the possible issue of creative accounting. KA maybe able to come to an agreement with whoever not to be sued at a later date. But surely if something has taken place anf found to be illegal then the administrators and or accounting firms are legally bound to inform the authorities.
  4. If the main players in this can’t agree and that seems to be EDT and KA then I can’t see what else the admins can do. I understand people are frustrated by the process.
  5. I think that goes for a lot of us on here
  6. If he was giving Bassini a commercial loan, he wouldn’t be involved in the club
  7. Whoever buys the club we won’t know what their agenda is, because even though they may say the things that fans want to hear, how they decide to run it we will not be privy to
  8. Maybe it’s time to say show us the colour of your money 😂😂😂😂
  9. Nixon keeps saying there is another party interested in the club. But admin sticking with FV. If it’s fact why won’t admin entertain there interest. I’m fully aware of people’s view on Nixon, but there’s always the chance he’s right.
  10. Personally I think it’s the right decision, with regards to the young lads, and yes I have no doubt the would be itching to play. The biggest concern is the position of the takeover and like a few on here I’m wondering if it will happen in time .
  11. I agree it’s about survival but these kids can’t see out a 46 game season, plus cup ties even though we will get knocked out very early
  12. We need players can’t see us being able to sign any until takeover complete. Two weeks is to long
  13. Problem is they have no loyalty to the club, and as they rightly say there job is to get the best deal for the creditors. Also the hotel is functioning as a business unlike the football club. No doubt Bassinis injunction has thrown a spanner in the works. It seems to come down to whether FV have the money to beat BOOHOO
  14. This whole situation is very worrying, FV appear to be dithering whether to complete or not. Bassini is rocking the boat. If it’s not sorted in the next few days it’s entirely possible that the EFL will kick us out because we won’t be able to fund the club going forward
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