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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. feel free to drop me a pm @superjohnmcginlay
  2. no. we have our own version of purple player for ios
  3. we have our own version of purple player for ios
  4. if youre comfortable using bluestacks thats fine 👍
  5. yes, but as with all things apple its not the best 😄
  6. nope. i wont give you a contact number, feel free to pm me though with a request and i will give him contact details.
  7. @Casino i have, nothing new.
  8. i'm a wanderers supporter too 🤣
  9. you can drop me a a message however we are extremely busy and replies may take a while
  10. there is no issue, nor is there any guarantee that paying more for a service makes it any better than a cheaper one. i haven't tried every server out there and i have no inclination to. each to their own 👍
  11. I have explained about pricing a few posts above, if you are happy with what you pay £40 then more power to you 👍
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