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  1. So I was hearing it right. Tis a dirge to be sure.
  2. What the fuck are those Shrewbury idiots chanting? We were in the West Upper just above them on boxing day and they did it for most of the game, it was doing my head in. Sounds like "Salop, salop"
  3. What a gay day, simply peachy!
  4. Crap tackle and why lunges should not be tolerated. Game itself was crap. Neither side should get to Russia, but one may.
  5. Aye, we always look good in friendlies when there is zero pressure, have done for decades. When we reach tournaments we revert to type. It will no different in Russia.
  6. Lets hope we can fuck Shrewsbury and hard! I have an irrational hate for those soricidae twats who used to hang around the aptly named gay meadow. This feeling is only surpassed by what my wife calls my unreasonable loathing of all things Leicester.
  7. Lets hope we can fuck the Shrews!
  8. Silly foul as their lad was going nowhere. Still it was bound to come.
  9. Edit . We seem to know how to play out the extra time though
  10. Can see 3-3 or worse. No need for this we have commanded the game when we wanted so why go back so deep?
  11. oh dea. free kick. We seem to be just booting it clear when we have time.
  12. go go go go go gog gog og goaaal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Shit weak pundit. A bit of a girl.
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