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  1. its on again on Sunday morning, if anybody like me, missed it.....
  2. Nowt wrong with Red Dwarf our kid, i have all 8 series' on dvd!
  3. Does that mean you don't have to get married now...........
  4. I saw her. She was sporting a bit of a Georgie hair-do. Still, i prefer Millie....
  5. According to the BBC, he had pulled out of the under 21's squad......... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...lla/7974182.stm 'That means Gabriel Agbonlahor could partner John Carew up front, providing he recovers from a knock which prompted his withdrawal from the England Under-21 squad'
  6. played ok imo cahill solid as usual, elmander much improved. happy with a point, against a team scrapping for their lives.
  7. give over you tool.. he couldnt do much about it
  8. get in!!!!!! taylor! right foot volley from outside box
  9. AND? We're not in it, so who's bothered........
  10. aye, shaky start but better team for last 20-25 mins
  11. he's overdoing that a bit. we look fairly solid at the moment, tho big seb has looked a bit dodgy on the ball over the top saying that, they have just had a goal disallowed for offisde, seb not looking at his man!
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