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  1. Port Vale was not a freak result. We cant defend. Until this fact is corrected we are a joke.
  2. Intetesting the opposition commentators didnt think they were bullying us. Constantly crying over Santos , Delaney (should have been sent off 2nd half according to them) Sarcevic mixing it up . Doyle and Fonz battling away. For me Crawford lightweight and never a No10. Sarce should be there but we need more steel in that midfield
  3. of course they are around. Tutte wasnt wanted by Morecambe. If Evatt really wants that type they are out there. Does he really though? i have my doubts
  4. Dont know pal that drill Sargent from Full Metal Jacket said it IRC
  5. I don"t like the name Lawrence Only faggots and sailors are called Lawrence
  6. Im not saying deport her coz i know it will never happen. Her yooman rights will come first. Im angry that she was free to do this as both an illegal and a psycho. There are those who will see her background as irrelevant but i don't. No way a psychotic illegal Albanian should be wandering round Queens Park. This country is soft as shite and getting worse and poor Emily and her family have paid the price. Could have been any of us.
  7. Also why do we have to take shit like this into our country and pay for firstly her 'illness' and now hospital and prison. and before the wet wipes start im on about her status as an illegal asylum seeker. I really cant imagine what family has gone through and that poor girl. Cant even think about it.
  8. Thanks Rudy. Always helpful to walk in another"s shoes. Understand it a bit better now i would hope
  9. On current form Crawford needs dropping. Might just get more out of Sarcevic then pushed forward as well. Bring in either Darcy or Isgrove or AN other. Crawford has been a waste of space. Doesnt solve problem of replacing Tutte tho so we could be firefighting until at least January.
  10. More than a few on here had commented on his defensive deficiencies before Vale. Worries me a bit Evatt doesnt seem to see it. ok going forward but liability defending offering no cover down that side
  11. I like Evatt and hope he gets it right. He has to take blame for shipping six at home and the general state of the defence still. Its his tactics his 'wingbacks' his goalkeeping situation (not blaming gilks but he went down like a sack of spuds for a couple showing his age). Pretty sure a change of tactics could tighten up at the back and we really do need another Tutte in midfield. Going forward we can blow teams away but so so vulnerable at the back.
  12. Youre the one tuggging yourself over him. continually. we know you think hes the answer but not to the right question
  13. . Tottenham all day above Chelski for me
  14. Shush. That was Gordon Hargreaves and hes not popular on here
  15. Tick fooking tock Jelly n ice cream at the Dick Wipe
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