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  1. If none are acceptable they would more than likely liquidate.
  2. He needs some serious press training that’s for sure. Bloody awful Interview.
  3. Its more likely, if liquidated, to be sold to a developer to raise funds and then be flattened. ACV or not, if BWFC gets liquidation, there wouldnt be enough money in the pot, under a new club, in the 99th tier of the league to upkeep it.
  4. That sackho bloke has to be the worst player I have ever seen
  5. had this with 2 devices now.......taken them into apple and had them replaced.
  6. Cardiff press saying ALF has signed on a perminant deal
  7. Thats where Vardy got picked up from (slightly better goal ratio), but you never know!
  8. Should just refuse that manager if the month award. Kiss of death
  9. Was in my shorts and flip flops in Berkshire....lovely day
  10. Kevin Davies has obviously been doing all his badges etc over the past couple of years.....wonder if his name is there?
  11. Cska Moscow v Porto was the strangest I've ever been. Porto had 50-100 fans and I've never seen the army and police in such numbers At a game. Apparently it's quite common for the other Moscow team to attack fans when the other is playing at home!
  12. Only time I met him was at a 2 day FA AGM and I happened to be working on the bar. He wanted a cigar but when told him our price range was about £40-£1000 he nearly spat his drink at me and asked if we had any hamlets!
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