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  1. I'm not saying I have any answers or that we have better options although I thought Ghnoua should have started after his cameo on Tuesday. Just pointing out that if and until Evatt is able to replace these players we have no chance of moving very far up the league. We're in a transfer window and to have any chance of going up, we need a goalkeeper, centre back and a better winger than Isgrove. I think its been obvious for a while that this is the case.
  2. Youve based those comments on one game, yesterdays. Isgrove isn't good enough. Thomasson isn't ready to play every game. Delaney has been poor in the games we've played four at the back. Do go on
  3. From yesterdays team. Gilks, Jones, Delaney, Isgrove, Thomasson, Elbouzedi are either average at best, not good enough or not ready.
  4. Alot of people on here say this division is shite but I think we underestimated how good it is. Some decent tidy football played by most of the teams. No world beating players but some good ones. Until we have eleven above average players for this division we are going nowhere. At the moment we have 5 players who are better than most in this division and one of those is Jackson. Most of the players just aren't good enough that's why we are so inconsistent.
  5. Think we need to be patient. It reminds me of the Phil Neal years. We stuck with Neal for seven years and he built a squad good enough for someone else to build on. We wouldnt have got Rioch to manage us in the fourth division with a threadbare squad and we won't get much better than Evatt at the moment. Changing managers every few months is what we did in the 70's and 80's before Neal.
  6. This If you look at the records of our players over their careers, very few have ever held down a regular place at a team in the football league. Sarcevic, Tutte, Baptiste and Gilks are the only ones. Even Doyle was on loan last season from Bradford.
  7. pauldeva

    Take Over

    It's not illegal to trade a company whilst insolvent. It's illegal to take on credit with no prospect of them being paid. You are getting mixed up with what can be done pre and post an administration, all those debts are frozen. I can certainly envisage a situation where the ground is sold and the team survives. Chester played at Macclesfield for a long time
  8. pauldeva

    Take Over

    The guarantee would have to come from the administrators. Its easy to run a football clubs finances, you know approximately your income and you know your costs/players wages.
  9. pauldeva

    Take Over

    I don't see why he can't trade with a positive cash flow, there will be £2 million in gate receipts assuming 10,000 at home gates, £1.5 million in TV money and he may be able to sell a couple of the players. He's got £350k for Connell, Matthews and Oztumer may be saleable. Non league teams run on next to nothing in wages and overheads less than £1 million. Obviously he has considered this but may be under pressure from the EDT. In theory the bulldozers could go in to flatten the stadium, pay off the secured creditors and the team could play at another ground. Maybe that i
  10. pauldeva

    Take Over

    Sluffy, the administrator is not a representative of the court. He is appointed by the entity who has the charge over the companies assets, the high court only check that his appointment is valid under the charge. And the administrator can trade the company. What he can't do is run up losses otherwise he could be made personally liable for the debts. Hence my question earlier about when the TV money comes in.
  11. pauldeva

    Take Over

    Done some digging and apparently, league one TV money is about £1.5 million. I've seen in Chesters accounts that they paid staff wages of about £750,000 in 2018. With gate money surely we can fund a League 2 team.
  12. pauldeva

    Take Over

    Anybody know when the TV money comes in? I can't see how we can't run a skeleton team and staff if we have TV money, gate receipts, £350k from Connell, sell Oztumer, Matthews and any one else. For fucks sake, Chester who we should have played, run a club on 2/5ths of fuck all.
  13. pauldeva

    Take Over

    Just found the ignore button
  14. pauldeva

    Take Over

    His accountants: Riordan O'sullivan & Co Ltd 38-40 Chamberlayne Road, Harlesden Harlesden, NW10 3JE 02089 699411
  15. pauldeva

    Take Over

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