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  1. Good luck Kevin. Welcome back here anytime.
  2. How do you feel about ED now Carlos? Not so long ago you were haranguing anyone who questioned his credentials or motives.
  3. http://www.theoffshoregame.net/boltons-moonshift/
  4. I'm offering some context. I was as pissed off as you by those crowds. I couldn't get off work to make it up from London for the Villa game so was especially pissed off by that one. Made the second leg. And I drove up and back through driving rain for Tranmere at home. I just don't think slagging folk off for not going does any good. Most on here do go anyway. I'd rather look at ways of building our support.
  5. Anthony Massey, Finance Director, (just out of interest Tony, how on a scale of 1-10 would you say you're performing in your role?) Richard Gee, Director, Brett Warburton, Vice-Chairman, speak up, we can't hear you...
  6. If this is ED trying to safeguard the club's future then thank fuck he's not trying to sabotage it. #fuckingdeluded
  7. That Tranmere game was in 2000 when we hadn't become an established Premier League club. 5 or 6 years before that we'd been averaging 10k. Since then we've had 11 consecutive Premier League years and really built up our support base - especially with cheap kids tickets. All of which is now in danger of being thrown away by the cunts who are destroying our club.
  8. Same at most places tho, outside the top few, many of whom include cup tickets in season tickets. Only 16k Villa fans last night.
  9. 23k for Arsenal in 6th round in 2005 - lunchtime ko on the BBC. The one where Diouf got sent off for fuck all.
  10. We had 17k against Wigan last year and 22k against Liverpool (albeit with 5k away fans) which was a night match and on BBC1. My money's with Mounts.
  11. They were all night matches, live on Channel 5. And none had 5k+ away followings.
  12. If 8k turned up on a cold Tues night against non league opposition then I'd like to think we could get 14k or 15k home fans on a Saturday, a round further on, especially as the under 23s and seniors prices are kept at a fiver. There's too much knocking of our support from some folk, Christ, they're lucky to have anyone turning up after the shit of the last 5 years and the fucking soap opera of the past 2 months. We're averaging just over 15k for League games - hats off to every one of them.
  13. Anyone who's still defending the cunts who got us into this mess and have now slunk away leaving people on minimum wage without a pay cheque this month, well, words fail me. And still swallowing the line that Eddie has 'given' us £170m of his hard earned. He must be absolutely pissing his sides in Barbados at the gullibility of some folk.
  14. Get Samizadeh and Woolery or Thomas up front. Why not? We've won 2 games in 34 - things can't get any worse. Let's see what they've got. We've seen what Madine's got - and it's not good enough.
  15. A tenner and a fiver for kids and seniors.
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