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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Glad my last post has at least got some attention! I spend a lot of very entertaining time on this site but don’t post. Perhaps I should. Newbie to posting here but not to Bolton Wanderers. Been a season ticket holder since the ‘70’s and never miss a home or away game and don’t intend to next week hence my post here. Anyway if anyone can help please get in touch. Ta.
  2. Perhaps posted a bit early last week so bumping the message.
  3. Separate post as it’ll get lost in the Morecambe thread. Missed out on tickets as I didn’t have access to a phone or computer until 1pm on Tuesday due do to work by which time they’d all gone. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has two tickets going spare. Willing to pay a premium if required. If anyone can help please PM or reply here. Many thanks.
  4. I’ll buy them. Check your PM. Cheers.
  5. Been sat stationary on the train to Brighton for an hour and three quarters, just outside London Victoria. Someone jumped in front of a train at Clapham Junction just after we set off. Gonna miss the game now. Just to rub it in we'll probably win.
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