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  1. Wishful thinking I’m afraid. I reckon he’s gone to ground and is just waiting for the inevitable now.
  2. Well, guess we won’t see 500 pages!
  3. Jesus, that is a bleak picture
  4. Preparing for the worst, Heathcotes making sure the bailiffs don’t take the stock!
  5. Let’s hope, the deed is done!
  6. Pension contributions for staff not paid due to frozen accounts, Iles reckons.
  7. Kathy Lloyd is in Dubai, presumably with Lee and daughter, don’t know about KA. Anyway, he will have left instruction or will issue instruction either way, I am sure.
  8. Rumours that pension contributions have not been made for BWFC staff, administrative oversight or worse?
  9. Sorry Benny, just mean sanction the transfer or block it.
  10. Just had a read back of Howard’s posts and unless the situation has changed. He was adamant that they would take the shares today and register tomorrow. He also stated that once the deadline is reached and the shares reclaimed, KA can refuse to sign the shares over but cannot then liquidate, or sell the club on. The impasse would need to be dealt with by lawyers. However, KA is KA and we are vulnerable until shares are reclaimed. Tick Tock.
  11. Fingers crossed that Howard’s mob swoop to save us from the ‘abyss’ that awaits.
  12. Will we see 500 pages on this thread?
  13. Is he Ken’s last roll of the dice?
  14. Agreed, numbers won’t stack up, got to have a ‘backer’ or pile of ‘laundry’ money
  15. Such a course of action is likely to Ken liquidised! 😂😂
  16. I believe you are but he carries all the voting rights
  17. Howard - Can your group prevent him liquidating the club, purely to line his pockets and avoiding his legal obligations? And does a voluntary liquidation have to be approved by the courts, due to the other creditors interests? If so, would this be delayed until May 8th, when the courts sit again. thereby bringing your group into play in any such hearing?
  18. ....and channeling them into his own pocket!
  19. Well played Howard! It’s been a great adventure, let’s hope for a happy ending and the villain to get his comeuppance.
  20. Nicon saying he has checked with a Bassini connection, no deal agreed as yet.
  21. So will this be ruled on by the court on Wednesday if it gets that far? I would hope that he will be seen for what he is by a judge.
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