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  1. I’d echo 63s thoughts. I too was castigated for daring to point out any flaws I felt the side needed to address and have been labelled a negative wum ever since. Fortunately we seem to have one hand on automatic promotion so I’m happy
  2. This isn’t nazi Germany
  3. I’ve agreed to let things lie and keep my head down
  4. It would be all one way
  5. I’ve been called a number of things during my time on here but now you’re taking the piss
  6. Yet another thread ruined by foul mouthed yobbos. I won’t be entertaining any of you again, apologies to the decent posters
  7. Swear and stamp your feet all you like, I’m going nowhere.
  8. so you’re telling me that the powers that be can boot you off the forum or place restrictions if they don’t agree with what someone is saying? id understand if I was rude or disrespectful, but I guess we’d all be banned if that was the case
  9. You can’t put restrictions on people that express their opinions.
  10. Isn’t it nice to be nice?
  11. My guess is Man City. Blink twice if I’m right
  12. I keep hearing you’re at a high level in football so it must be common knowledge.
  13. who’d you work for? I’m genuinely interested
  14. “I don’t agree so let’s call it trolling” some soft bastards on here that need to lighten up
  15. you wouldn’t call them chinks in public so please don’t do it here
  16. Why does it not surprise me that you’re a racist?
  17. I really think there’s no stopping us at this point, yesterday was very impressive
  18. I think you’ll find I’ve never told anyone they’re wrong.. I have however been told I’m a cunt for expressing my opinion. Ironic really isn’t it
  19. I also see potential in @Escobarp @desperado when they aren’t trying to fit in with the crowd
  20. you’re obsessed with this notion that I’m some sort of wind up merchant. Have a day off
  21. You all sound the same to me 💤 Except @Rudy he’s growing on me
  22. In which case don’t bring it up 🤦‍♂️
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