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  1. Ani

    Lincoln (H)

    Have you explained the importance of booing ?
  2. Any good team (apart from Brazil in the 70s) starts from the back. Walker is fast but makes mistake, but good enough at RB. Stones can play but not a top level defender not in best 2 centre halves at his club. Other 2 positions we are weaker, because the back 4 is weak you need 2 Defensive Midfield players or we get over run. Up front you have Kane who is IMO a world class number 9 but plays deeper and deeper, still good but not as effective. Sterling is the worlds most frustrating footballer his record is hard to fault as Gonzo points out but if it comes to one crucial moment in a game I always think he will mis control the ball, take on an extra man and then run like a waddling duck. Foden looks brilliant in bits but never dominates a game. Grealish as Foden but does not look brilliant as often. Watching City he plays in very safe 99% of time. I just do not think we are that good, add in a manager who is not inspiring it is a shit combination. Bellingham looks very good but if we need 2 DFMs whoever else is in there has a tough job.
  3. Maybe remove his name from the thread title too ?
  4. TBF given we have paper tickets not sure they can be cancelled remotely . Do we get the fees from the booking refunded too or just ticket price ?
  5. I did say it was still a fuck up,😂😂but the other 5 just watching it happen look like pub players.
  6. TBF to Dixon he has gone to his right anticipating ball being played to the lad walking through the middle. The other 5 players could also close someone down. Still a fuck up though
  7. I agree but for the 10-15 minutes before half-time it was better to have Dempsey on the pitch.
  8. The highlights on Sky are weird, does not show any of the 3 big chances we missed but it does show 2 over hit crosses
  9. I thought we were great today. The 10 minutes before half time we rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in. Second we came out and played to an increased tempo and fully deserved the luck.
  10. I have gone shorts, was not sure if jeans still fit 😂😂
  11. I will be wearing long trousers for first time in about 4 months today (apart from a wedding) I have a spare ESL ticket if anyone wants it. 4 out of 5 Yorke whites not going today !
  12. Can you move to dates of FGR game ?
  13. Ani

    MK Dons Away

    My point really is that results like last night show improvements even from last year. I was underwhelmed by our transfer activity and not convinced by the 'we held on to Santos etc' talk but MK show what happens when you lose your best players. All positive.
  14. Ani

    MK Dons Away

    Team on the up and the Head honchos family see up for it.
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