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  1. Ani

    Neil Hart

    Why the fuck after winning the title any City fan would want to hit the Villa keeper is beyond me. Brum fan hitting Grealish and anyone hitting Billy Sharp I can understand but why you would want to on national telly is just fucking stupid
  2. Imagine not liking football !
  3. Ani

    PlayOffs 2022

    We need a team that can 'do it on a wet Tuesday at Fleetwood' and this is something the current squad have not done on a regular basis. The old fashioned type is not saying sign Vinny Jones or Terry Hurlock but more like a Karl Henry, an experienced head (or heads).
  4. Ani

    PlayOffs 2022

    Derby will be dependant on getting the transfer embargo lifted or they could be screwed. Barnsley seem to have off field issues and Peterborough are nothing special imo.
  5. Ani

    2022 -23 Odds

    I thought we would be about 10s , decent each way price that
  6. Last midweek there did not go well.
  7. Only if we start 30 minutes in so our late goals still count
  8. I would prefer 8pm for getting there but 7:30 for going home if that is ok ?
  9. Maybe, but he did back room work with Pullis after he left and made out it showed people in the game appreciated him. Just another ex footballer who failed as a manager.
  10. Megson is a bitter poisonous man. Part of being a manager is dealing with public and especially fans, he could not do it. The fact he has never had a decent job in the years since he left us tells you what people think of him
  11. The appointment of Little Sam in terms of continuity made some sense, the immediate change of personnel and trying to change how we played did nt. Give Little Sam the job to keep the ball rolling , but then change everything was utter nonsense.
  12. The ref in the Rangers game is playing a different set of rules. Will need a murder to get booked
  13. Lennon was no better than the 2 or 3 that came before him. Have said it before once Mjalaby left we were awful. Nasty spiteful little man. The other A level question would be 'Could Bolton sustain Premier League status even if BSA had stayed.'
  14. Ani

    Jake Daniels

    I almost added to seems low
  15. Ani

    Jake Daniels

    Ahh including the Scotchers !
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