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  1. Ani


    😁😂 Of course you can sweet cheeks, but the usual way this works is that a reply relates to the original comment. 😁
  2. Ani


    So what does that make you for getting sucked in ? 😁😎
  3. Take it back think it was City, they equalised in 90th minute
  4. Pretty sure the Yorke one was when the guy ran on to have a go at the ref got about 10 yards and just pointed at his watch. Would have to check this but pretty sure Everton were at home same day and their fans were on radio moaning about time wasting on drive home. Think ref booked 2 or 3 for time wasting and only played 2-3 minutes
  5. Surprised thought he might be sitting on the fence on this one 😎😁😂. This is a man who used to pretend to be hunting down people in a night club for dancing to U2. 😂😂
  6. Also there is probably a vast majority who see both sides could do a bit better.
  7. He is saying that you can dislike the actions of the State of Israel without being anti Semitic. In the same way you can dislike the actions of Hamas without being anti Islam.
  8. Ani


    Hundreds of thousands protesting where ? I get my second jab today. YAY .
  9. Ani


    So Bolton this week has had plague floods and fire ?
  10. Ani


    Yeah but eventually that will be glossed over
  11. Ani


    When Cummings took the piss with his antics, the question was 'why is he being allowed to get away with it ?' Some said he must have some right shit on Boris, others said it was just Boris being a loyal boss. Let's hope we find out if the first bit was true.
  12. Ani


    It actually is a reason. if it is miles ahead of what we have how can we verify it ? When you say widely I assume that means not totally, so why should we accept it if other euros countries are not ?
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