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  1. Mid table, keep thinking if we win 3or4 on run we will be pushing for play offs . At the same looking over our shoulders thinking if they win 2 or 3 on bounce we get dragged right in.
  2. He is 5 foot 11 apparently, surprised not taller
  3. For accuracy he resigned after being suspended. I watched the American election soap opera via CNN and any 'news' channel that clearly supports one side of the argument is as just pointless. I could not stand Trump but the constant sniping and innuendoes that they came out was just funny after a while. The fact people watch these channels to have their own views reinforced just builds the idea you have to be on one side rather than the other. Debate is dead.
  4. GB news have got rid of a presenter because he took the knee.
  5. Ani


    No idea what point you are making.
  6. Ani


    They did have the option of just isolating in the first place.
  7. Did Meldrew get his picture taken with Shazza again do we know ?
  8. Police have said the graffiti on the Rashford display was not racist. It was hard to make out but think it was more 'you silly knob' than anything to do with his colour. Anyone remember us playing Forest in the cup early 90s and giving Pearce shit for most of the game ? Then in 96 he scored in a shoot out, genuinely felt a silly cunt then
  9. Ani


    We should unlock and people should continue to be sensible . So we are out for a meal probably wont wear a mask. Going to supermarket or public transport I wont. If I get to a pub and it is chocca might find another. I do not why people are talking as though it is all or nothing. Rules are relaxed but no need to start licking everyone you meet. As long work do not expect me to go in I will be ok, eventually will do a day or two a week on office but won't go back to 5 days
  10. Funny that Steve Baker is now slagging off Boris and Pritti for criticising taking the knee. was nt he the leading visionary ? it is a sad state of affairs when the inane ramblings of idiots on Twitter gets classed as representing anything other than the inane ramblings of idiots. But at least we can now see there is a problem with these idiots that needs addressing.
  11. Ani

    New Site

  12. Ani

    New Site

  13. Ani

    AFC Dons away

    It will hold 11k, the have a test event in next few weeks and then our game will be the final test event which might mean a slightly reduced capacity. I just read there website as looking for a place to meet some mates before game so checking tube route for a stop over. There is chance ground will have very limited capacity and as they need to conduct test events before to get certificate. So there could be a scrabble for tickets. It is shit when this happens they must know folk will have booked travel
  14. I had to reset my password to avoid the log in page 😎👍😂
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