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  1. I went with my mum and dad so we kept ours on in seats, stayed in a hotel and players were staying there too.
  2. Be interesting if they give United half the ground.
  3. I went to this, from memory the corner for their goal came from a Willy Morgan mis hit back pass from near half way line. It also might have been end of season as think it was FA cup semi final day, both semis played at same time- 3o clock Saturday !
  4. Real* fans will have banked this already. Real = old
  5. We have a squad of players that are currently full of confidence and playing well. The debate is more Bod deserves a start rather than Vic needs dropping. The idea earlier in the season that Dempsey would not walk back into the team would have seemed crazy. Pre season that losing GJ would not be missed equally mad ! Our strikers in last 2 games Big Vic 1 goal, Dion 2. Big Dan 3 and Big Daddy 3. We are managing to rest players and performances are not dropping off, early season any subs seem to weaken us or at least blunt any threat. We are in a great place as a club , the crowds are better than we have ever got at this level. Transfer window could be a challenge to hold onto players but let's see , would take a lot of money to tempt us to sell I guess and players would surely only go if it was strong Championship teams in for them ( or higher I suppose) The only downside is how long can it last ? IE has a track record of teams going on long unbeaten runs so let's hope that we can keep it going for as long as possible. It certainly feels like there is a hill and we are coming up it !
  6. I think ( and I am not 100% sure) that the EFL hold a 'golden share' in every club and a condition of joining the league is that you have specific contractual shit you are committed too which includes deals with sponsors.
  7. He said 'We will stop the boats.'
  8. No because the point was about return on investment when we have paid fees. Have any one of the 3 ' shone' in your opinion or are they 'yet to shine' ? (For whatever reason) Also reading back it was about how players have improved under IE so making the point it is not an over night job
  9. Football lads are always treated worse than the norm, at least these days the Police seem to have realised that they do not need to treat all fans in the same way. The lads who get involved must know the risks. Kicking doors through and dawn raids seems more a case of GMP wanting to grab a few headlines rather than really cracking down on anything significant.
  10. Your inference not mine.
  11. I did say 'yet to shine'
  12. I hope not (not just for my bet). I think he is developing well and hope he sees a good future here, but if anyone in Championship offers a few million and wages to match it would be inevitable. Same with Santos. Strange when you look at recruitment under FV that there are some incredible 'improvers' - Santos, Thomason, Dapo, Gethin, Charles, Toal and Sheehan where only Charles was a fee ( I think) but then 3 biggish fees for the level Vic, Dan and CMG have yet to shine.
  13. You mean the penalty was nt a penalty ?
  14. I really rate Dion for his goals and work rate. His hold up play is terrible especially when he drops deep. Vic is nowhere near the overall level of Dion btw. Let's be honest if Dion scores 20 goals this season again, might even be top scorer in division ( £10 on at 12/1) , works as hard as he does AND could hold the ball up well he would not be playing for us.
  15. I get the idea, but once we have paid the money they are just players. The idea of playing someone at the expense of the team is counter intuitive surely ? Dan and Vic are both frustrating as I keep thinking at some point they will start scoring more but I am sure IE will have access to loads more data than us and keeps playing him.
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