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  1. He has been here 2 years and needs to do that more often. My problem with him in that role is the lack of physicality, tackling and heading not his strength and IMO a major weakness for him. Would love him to prove me wrong.
  2. I hope he proves me wrong ! Just think he is too light weight and disappears against bigger stronger teams.
  3. We watched something live on ITV last week , when adverts were on kept trying to fast forward so used to watching on Apps or least recorded.
  4. I think more than half the people on your list of ' never had a chance' have appeared on QT
  5. I think he meant presenters. Programmes like QT do have such rants on and do feature people out of your list such as Lawrence Fox and Farage.
  6. I think Bolty was arguing they are NOT the types you would expect on GB News but you would on BBC, as it is full of lefties. I have quite a few lefty mates and they argue the BBC has a right wing bias and on QT for instance there are more right wingers than left on the panel. I am quite with the BBC balance when it comes to news. I do see why people express issues when the 'talent' who express an opinion all seem to be lefties as it could point to a bias elsewhere but when Emily Maitlis talks about the lengths they go to to find people to put both sides of the argument makes me confident they are at least trying. (Not just politics btw the virus was another example. As mentioned to Bolty I have watched a bit of GB News and find most the stuff pretty bland with the odd programme when for instance you have Tory Ministers interviewing their colleagues it is just bizarre. Each to their own
  7. Ani

    Big Sharps

    Having been to a funeral recently of someone who took their own life I can promise you 100% it will make it easier for the family and over time it will help you too I think. Still tragically sad.
  8. So far their owner who has lied consistently has announced a new mystery owner. There has been no rumours of any intent to sell so seems very unlikely that if these bidders exist that they will have done full due diligence on the club. Equally as the bidders are unknown no checks on them in terms of suitability or if they have the money. If you were an optimistic Wigan fan you have to then think if they have agreed to buy was this pre or post point deductions as the club value will have dropped. No idea how much the club will be worth but the buyers also need to stump up for the rest of the wages and the EFL bond in next day or so and even if they do surely more points gone ? So assuming everything falls into place and some random group is prepared to put millions into Wigan to hopefully survive in League 1 and they pass all regulatory checks in double quick time and then have the required millions to immediately pump into the club, they are still in an up hill battle to get through next season competitively. There again if the liar is once again lying they are still even deeper in. All that has changed is that their owner has made a claim. If it is not true they are actually worse off as the clock is ticking and this will be a distraction. The EFL won't be over sympathetic as last week they were being threatened with legal action based on a totally different scenario. If a sale was pending surely a chat with EFL, proof they are serious bidders and it avoids some of the issues ?
  9. Whatever. I posted earlier in the thread about watching their coverage of the incident when the guy crashed his car into Downing Street so I have watched it, this was not the only time as I have watched the interviews that I mention. I assume you have ? As you 'watch them all'. if you want to go further back have look in the USA thread where I talked about watching CNN and Fox coverage of the US elections and I criticised both for being so blatantly bias, so I do watch other news channels, some I like, some I do nt. GB news is according you a 'woke free zone' so if that is the case who are the 'recalcitrant undesirables' you also mention ? You watch whatever you want and form your own opinions. I do the same and may come to different opinions.
  10. The Jock play off game was crazy. Ross County three down on aggregate, Partick penalty claim, not given, VAR says take another look, ref does- still not given ! Ross County score 2 in a minute, first a handball penalty given via VAR. Ross County man sent off, then allowed to stay on after VAR. 3-2 after 90 minutes, 10 minutes extra time, Ross County equalise . Pens, Ross County near to score to win- misses - Partick miss then Ross score It was pub football, awful standard.
  11. This months wage bill will include bonuses and any annual payments so might be on the high side but if they have £0 what is a few million between friends
  12. Leach out for the whole ashes
  13. They have Tory Ministers being interviewed by other Tory Ministers ! Although TBF that is probably 2 different sides as they hardly agree on anything other than 'stop the boats' is a good headline
  14. I started taking my step lad to games from about that age. Living in Leeds there were other more local options. He is 24 now and loves it. You need to start the brain washing early.
  15. To who though ? Most people seem to think they are a pair of self serving pricks.
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