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  1. Now I know why all if not every decent lad over the years who originally posted on here has now stopped.
  2. Radcliffe far from it, I'm honestly not a keyboard warrior - genuine an old school BWFC fan since the late 70's early 80's - know all the old school lads off here - I don't want to name them on here, but by all means message me & I'll confirm.
  3. I'm a bell end am I - care to meet me next home match & say it to may face you fcuking ball bag.
  4. No its not and you know it, my point relevant or not it how small Fleetwood actually is. As I said I'm celebrating as much as the next man, but its tempered knowing that we are celebrating beating a team so small, but I do agree a win is a win.
  5. Why even bother apparently I'm a wum, not a fan who has supported us for 40 years plus.... Its like Lemmings on here.
  6. Why would I be gutted - seriously I love BWFC....why so much shite from fellow fans I despair I really do. What's the point on here unless you follow the masses.
  7. Is it really ?, I'm as big & as loyal a BWFC fan as you and everyone else is, and that was a very good result today and I'm celebrating as much as the rest - but come on it's Fleetwood, unless you know the town whilst we should celebrate the win, it really is like beating Horwich, Farnworth or Westhoughton. As I said its more of a reflection of how far we have fallen.
  8. Seriously, you think that Charlton is the whole of London ? not just a district. I'm celebrating like everyone else but my point is that we have beaten Fleetwood which is great (and I appreciate that they have had a lot of finance from Piley), but at the end of the day Fleetwood is a very small town with a population of 25,000 - its like beating Horwich, Farnworth or Westhoughton.
  9. Fleetwood have a population of 25K, us about 250k, its a great result today but come on its like beating Horwich RMI or Rayners ! Not knocking the result as its a great come back, but would we celebrate a win against Chorley like this ? btw Chorley is quite a bit bigger than Fleetwood.
  10. It was a great win in the end, but we've basically beaten a team with the population of Horwich or Farnworth. It's more of a tale of how far we have fallen.
  11. We can't keep doing this, but what a win. Sadlier made a huge difference - he just has the ability to create & do something different & a very cool finish from Dapo. We do have issues in this side that need to be addressed, but the spirit & desire to keep going can't be questioned - and although I'm not a big fan of Evatt no one can say that they didn't play for Evatt in the 2nd half today. We do need some steel & physicality in the side though & a proper CF - but lets just celebrate this win.
  12. I admire your enthusiasm, and would really love to see that many go. However, I would be seriously shocked if more than 15,000 went to a Papa John's final at probably £50-£60 a ticket plus travel regardless of the opponent. From memory we probably took 20,000 - 25,000 max to the Torquay final (crowd was 46,000) in 89 - but IMO the Papa Johns trophy is even worse than the Sherpa Van, and back then we hadn't been spoilt by the Allardyce prem years.
  13. Steinsson was a good player a decent RB, but going back N'Gotty was absolute class - quite underrated IMO.
  14. The Spurs & Newcastle home games were very good, if memory serves me right Bale was in the Spurs team.
  15. Unfortunately for the younger fans I can't see more than 15,000 going a Pizza Cup final, possibly even less than that. The only final I've missed was the Watford play off final, Reading was great as was Preston In Cardiff. Liverpool & Boro in the league cup finals were good days / weekends out apart from the results.
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