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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Didn’t lose any sleep when he left
  2. David Lee couldn’t cross a ball to save his life unless a defender was challenging him .
  3. If they go up they will have a lot of league 1 fodder to get shut of .
  4. emus wig


    Came from Millwall didn’t he ?
  5. Would love to sign an experienced centre half who can organise and talk think it would really help Santos and Dixon .
  6. We had a great start probably over performed now we’ve got injuries and covid to a small squad . New players coming in hopefully injured players coming back mid table finish I’d be happy with that . It’s a work in progress we have no divine right to go straight through league 1 bit of patience required
  7. Weird one this hate losing games like this but sort of glad we’re out . Probably would have got Rotherham away in the next round .
  8. Great performance from the dog heads made yooonited look like a pub team
  9. Dony lost 4-3 at Morecambe after being 3-0 up Stockton got his obligatory two goals .
  10. Bite your hand off for a point
  11. Didn’t fancy us midweek fancy us even less for this in our current predicament Accrington nearly 2/1 at home to beat us don’t understand why we are favourites makes no sense . Hope I’m wrong 😐
  12. You got the score right a couple of weeks ago against Dony I think but most of the time you talk a load of old shite .
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