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  1. I watched a slow mo that I didn’t see last night on SSN this morning I still don’t think there was enough to say the on field refs original decision was wrong . Something was off about the whole process of giving that goal did they follow the proper VAR protocol ?
  2. I’m not arsed either way but if that goal was given against us I would be seriously pissed off I think it’s out till the Japanese player touches the ball and drags it across the box opinions innit .
  3. Every team needs a player like Henderson or Rice or both they’re making Maguire look like a decent centre half .
  4. Bale taken off winning 3 nowt just need somone to twat Ramsey now and it’s been the perfect night .
  5. I had a white one the dog got it and chewed the collar 🙄
  6. Not arsed beating the yanks take a draw then please god stick it up the taffs and send em home can’t stand Bale the Shergar faced cunt .
  7. That home game with West Brom haunts me to this day the stupid fuckin clapping seal .
  8. Got horrible feeling the Argies are going to win it but I couldn’t bring myself to back them so I did Messi to win player of the tournament at 12s . Been getting a bit carried away 😐. Love the World Cup even if it is in December not happy about Qatar hosting it but it wont stop me being glued to it for the next month four games a day is ace 🙃
  9. Done Serge Gnabry for the krauts at 50s he’s 20 from 36 in internationals they seem to score plenty but are shite at the back .
  10. Had a fantastic career and 61 caps for England one of my favourite players from the premier league years can’t believe he’s only 36 .
  11. emus wig


    Looking at the results the last few weeks I think it’s a more competitive league than last season top six is not out of the question .
  12. emus wig


    Think we’re lacking a bit of confidence if I m honest but changing team/ formation every week can’t help .
  13. emus wig


    Is Lenny Henry there ?
  14. Plymouth at home 73 ish embankment all I remember is a girl getting chewy in her hair think it was 1-1 .
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