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  1. Vicky sparks on radio 5 is absolutely shocking . Isha Gua is excellent on test match special one of the best around .
  2. Southern Journo’s innit Martin Samuels et al .
  3. Great to have options across the front I know it’s been said before but I would love someone else in as an option for MJ.
  4. Waste of money may as well spaff it up the wall 😐
  5. emus wig


    I like your optimism be a great weekend if they both win !
  6. emus wig


    The same but because I’m a chicken shit gambler I do it each way 😐
  7. Would love an experienced shithouse type organiser in the squad even if it’s just as an alternative to what we’ve already got .
  8. Paying soft money at Wrexham he gets offered a long enough contract I can see it . Who’s to say parky will be the manager come start of the season ?
  9. Hans Segers and Grobbelaar in nets .
  10. Didn’t Tony Cascarino tear us a new one in the home game against Gillingham that season ?
  11. I thought the Blackpool had got a new manager 😐
  12. Probably a part timer 😐
  13. emus wig


    Attention seeker put the cooking sherry down .
  14. emus wig


    Bloody hell there’s some big hitters on here will do my £10 e/w to win the league but I do that every season regardless 😐
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