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  1. I look back to the game at Mansfield first time we had the roll of the ball and we never looked back .
  2. Chaos and shipyard goin all over 🙃
  3. There has been a lot shouting from both of us for different reasons . Rest of the carriage seems to be slowly emptying 😐one scotch fellah left immediately after I saw we were winning 3-0 . I did shout come on you fuckin white men at the top of my voice .
  4. In the middle of nowhere on a train from Penzance had to change twice lost signal at 1-0 for just got it back we are fuckin doing this can’t believe it so proud of our boys 😢
  5. Aretha’s Say a little prayer got to be on .
  6. Hope it spreads to his groin and his cock falls off the cunt
  7. Nuclear device or shah shah a go go from The Raven my second fav Stranglers album. .
  8. I wish I knew how it would feel to be free - Nina Simone
  9. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that fantastic.
  10. Disposable heroes of hiphoprosy - Television (the drug of the nation ) is a fantastic track on the lines the revolution will not be televised.
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