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  1. Nevilles both played for Bury boys to. Bury is part of their family history and like other post, it’s strange that they chose Salford over Bury? But to be fair it was not their mess to sort out. Nobody thought Bury would go out of business. Growing up as a kid, I used to love the rivalry with Bury. Going to school with many of there fans was great. They absolutely hated us with a passion. Remember beating them 1-0 at Burnden in playoffs. Their fans were distraught. Plus if they had any decent players, we always bought them. I would love to see Bury back in business. Had some fantastic nights watching the whites at Gigg Lane. Even though we struggled to get at times.
  2. My daughter is a keeper and plays at a very high standard. She’s been a keeper for several years and I totally agree about the training. We had to find a keeping coach outside of her club, where she could train with boys. Big problem for me is the size of goals. No 12 year old girl should ever keep in full size men’s nets. They are pissing in the wind. Even now a few year later she still struggles. This puts many decent keepers off. Think though girls football has changed massively over last 5 years. Incomparable from years gone by. Players are athletes now, not like in my day. They train many hours a week. Many of the decent girls, play Saturday for boys teams. Recently watch a under 9 girls team batter u9 boys team. Again in my day this would never of happened. Some of the football these top girls team play now it frightening. Especially when your daughter is in goal at the other end.
  3. Santos was out on his feet after 70mins. Last 10 he was struggling to even track back. Once team gets full fit we will be ok. To be fair their subs worked for them. That save at 3-1 has been massive for them. Very positive though going forward. We are going to compete well in this league. Onwards and upwards.
  4. Remember talk of that Jeberson at Sheffield united? But went quite. Only a guess though. Daniel Sturidge would do a job? Please God.
  5. Frank Fielding be a great signing for us. Good solid keeper
  6. Well that was an absolute fantastic performance today. I have taken a few hours to recover but extremely proud of all of them today. Great to see a Wanderers team grab hold of a game and absolutely boss it. Evert has been brilliant second half of the season. Just shows you need to give managers time. Coywm.
  7. Funny I must be mellowing in my old age. Kick in the balls yes. But I think we have a top manager who will deliver for us? Second half of the season has been fantastic. We have decent team again. We have our club going the right way. Shrimp, it must be great being in the company of fans who support such a magnificent club, full of history. Don’t get used to it though, as it might be another 50 years until you grace our ground again. On wards and upwards coywm
  8. Credit to Evert, that is one of the fittest Bolton team, we had since big Sam days. All worked their bollocks off tonight. How he’s turned us around deserves massive credit. Let’s hope we finish the job. Come on you white men.
  9. On Wikipedia Marcus Maddison is a Bolton player?
  10. Mine not working just spinning circle. Aarrgghhh. Logged in with email still spinning. Then an extra code and still spinning. Internet speed fine as well. Another 45 mins wasting my time
  11. Waiting for Fa to confirm. Daughter played today though against Wigan. They will not be able to play this month as facilities will have to close. A shame as they have all just started getting back into it. Apart from some players having to isolate. All kids will miss it for sure. Proper crap for them at moment.
  12. I remember when young Jussi was worst keeper we have ever had after Crewe game at home. Give the lad a chance. The manager is asking him to play sweeper keeper which probably is not his usual game. I agree though that we should of signed Mathews up but we didn’t. Hopefully he will gain a bit of confidence and be England’s number 1 by end of season.
  13. Is it me but 500k for a chippy seems a lot? Not seen it but must be some big building? You would have to sell a lot of chips to make money. Do well to sell it in these times. Karma is a wonderful thing.
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