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  1. What was great that he supported that attack, made a good run to occupy defenders while Doyle was going through and would have been there for a tap in if keeper had saved and spilled it. Great energy and desire
  2. We seemed to kick off with an assumption it was going to be another of those games of patience like Barrow and (to an extent) Colchester, their positive attitude and aggression from the off caught us badly on the hop. Cambridge set the bar for positivity and high tempo from minute 1 but we've been nowhere near that since for some reason, need to start getting out the traps a lot smarter. Second half was better and step up in workrate and pressing forced them back and into mistakes they'd advertised late in first half. The lad Jones, their left back, was a good 'un by the way. Thoma
  3. As a summary of today and where we are that'll do for me, well said. We've shown over this weekend we're still a work in progress and why. We're one of the best teams in the division, but not the best by far as some would have you believe. We only started our season in Feb and have put a superb run together to give ourselves a chance (while others have been faltering), albeit relying a bit too much on clean sheets and 1 or 2-0s. We don't turn a lot of possession into enough chances and, on the odd occasion we do make some, like today, we don't take enough of them. Eventually t
  4. Think you were a bit gung ho now?
  5. All I'd want to see is us doing things on the ball a lot quicker than Friday, it was too ponderous, predictable and easy to defend against. Suspect Newport will be up for it and will force the pace of the game to be quicker. Wouldn't be over bothered if they had a bit of the ball and we were effective on the counter once we took it off them. Having said all that, pitch and weather could make it a lottery
  6. I used to come on here and enjoy the reasoned analysis and debate about the game just finished. Late on parade today but having waded through umpteen pages of what's turned into playground level bickering I'll sack it for tonight. All I'll say is off day but not the end of the world. Onto Monday.
  7. That goal was everything Doyle was brought in for, tight game, very few chances, one does come along, buried with aplomb. Great game management second half, never really looked like conceding. Size and quality of our squad will be our plus over these last nine games, more and better options at Evatt's disposal than his counterparts can call upon, others losing key players without the same quality of replacements Defensively really good again today, Baptiste and Santos impenetrable, John and Jones same out wide
  8. When Sarcevic has been out previously I haven't thought we'd particularly missed him but we did today, a pity that, after taking a long time, he was finding his best form last three games and knitting things together well around and just off Doyle. Another tight game, most of the rest will be too, good win in the end on an off-ish day for a few too many of us. Take away from it for Evatt and the squad, can't afford to start that slowly and end up shipping a goal for them to cling onto. Miles off the tempo v Cambridge today, however hard working Walsall were. Crossing is poor as man
  9. Wind and pitch didn't help either side but they've regressed a long way since that game at ours. Yes we were abysmal defensively that day but they did look a decent side who could play a bit. Today they looked about the worst side we've played all season
  10. A real grind but a great win nonetheless, tremendous collective effort and application again, including from Arthur and Elbouzedi who both played a good part. We weren't so good today with the ball but were excellent without it, great defensive work from 1-11, back four rock solid again but Williams and Lee breaking so much up in front of them a big help. Williams height a big plus today, he won umpteen headers second half A quiet midweek well earned and well appreciated I imagine, been a tough month. Some difficult games to come in the run in for sure but bobbly pitches and
  11. I'd agree with that, he's improved game by game over the last 10, maybe not the toughest tackled but reliable enough defensively, got forward and made some really telling contributions like the one for Doyle's goal last night. As a back four they are a very good unit defensively and offensively, getting the blend bang on at minute
  12. We had them groggy for 60+ minutes through great ball retention, near-70% possession, everyone playing within the structure, working and pressing together to quickly get it back. Within 10 minutes of Maddison coming on they had a sniff of working their way back into it because he gave them cheap possession half a dozen times then made his usual limited effort to help get it back. He had a chance in a zero risk situation at Oldham to play his way into form and was absolutely rank, giving it away, running into folk and falling over, sulking about when something didn't work. Had anothe
  13. For an hour that was as much as I've enjoyed watching us for a decade, absolutely scintillating football, made 2nd look like 22nd, playing a completely different game to them. Slickness of movement from back to front was a joy to watch, our passing was quicker and more direct, shredding them umpteen times. Our only achilles heel there again though, still not enough goals to rest easy late on. Not exactly sitters being tossed up but some efforts that ought to have been better and a couple that were just a bit unlucky. 2-0 never that secure a lead and, as has been said earlier, while
  14. It was a disappointing goal to concede, couple of chances to clear after the initial free kick (which wasn't very good) then a couple more from the corner. They'd properly gone for it by then though, every striker they have on the pitch, keeper up, the works. Chucked it in the mixer and it paid off for them, fair enough. Wouldn't have played out as a situation if we'd been two up, more the issue for me, not making enough of all the possession and approach play
  15. Momentum can be a factor in last dozen or so games, as can squad size and quality, we've both of those to call upon. Cheltenham and Morecambe both maintaining consistent progress, as are Exeter, most of the rest throwing an off one in now and then. I didn't particularly rate Cambridge last time, if Crellin hadn't chucked one in we'd have beaten them on their own patch even with the half a team we had then. Was frustrating today only because it was another nearly-but-not-quite day, great defensive structure and workrate, collective commitment, plenty of possession, stylish play up t
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