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  1. An Isis person who the authorities knew all about apparently but hadn't been able to follow up on concerns raised about him Wouldn't be surprised if the extremists plan something big for the Olympics
  2. Fa cup rules are up to 15% which would be 7k but can't imagine they'd get that many Will be the minimum, 3k-4k I'd have thought Whatever, it will be early ko on the Saturday
  3. Yeah because if we win it won't be an upset really, with all due respect to Luton If Utd lose it would be a massive upset for the club, and something that folk would tune in hoping to see
  4. I don't think there's any doubt whatsoever the graph was made up I thought it was more a brexiteer making a joke about it all
  5. It's PL v L1 That's the only reason It probably won't, because even if we did win it wouldn't be a major upset And because you've got Wigan v United which offers much more chance of an upset For me the appeal for the neutral is the small club at home v the big club but there aren't too many to choose from Gillingham v Sheff Utd possibly But more likely be Chelsea v PNE on TV before that I won't watch any of the above I'll watch Sunderland v Newcastle though
  6. Son aside I just don't see any real quality in that spurs squad Their transfer policy is pretty wank Definitely not top 4 material
  7. Might as well start JDB and Dan again And CMG Ashworth probably worth a start
  8. Zico

    Pompey (A)

    Iirc he was sober Dan till he started doing Bolton away
  9. Whoever would've thought Luton away would ever have been considered a giant killing
  10. Aye, I stopped following too as their comments were basically full of cunts Good to look back on previous winners though
  11. You'll need a balaclava to blend in
  12. One of the worst pubs in Horwich for me that, just can't take to that place
  13. He was very good for Liverpool at burnden too Had it all him, one of the most complete all round strikers there's been, just didn't have the head for it, and got injured a lot
  14. We'll beat Harrogate and get them in round 3
  15. Aye They scored in the first minute and the last and they just kept the ball to themselves in between You couldn't be pissed off, moan or boo at us, we just couldn't touch them
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