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  1. pick up from the Premier Inn at the Beehive
  2. come on Dr we need to close the gap on Millwall
  3. Depends "Local" away games and home games are a pain if you do other things in the AM, like I do when I'm in charge of the little one Further afield, maybe less so, more drinking time after isn't too bad either All in all though, fuck 1pm
  4. Plymouth v Ipswich today Draw will do
  5. Last night Southgate became the first englishman to be relegated as a player, manager and international manager
  6. Well i meant for us so yes, Deano in the 5th game there
  7. Quiz question Who scored the first goal from open play?
  8. Speaking of the san siro Inter and AC have agreed to knock it down and build a new ground Seems a shame
  9. and a Holiday Inn season ticket for the strop overs
  10. that's the name of a doctors surgery in horwich so it's a no from me
  11. Though they always win at cards
  12. I hated them for drinking Every year a mate insisted on going there for beers Every year we stood around on a cold damp evening supping over priced lager from plastic cups before sacking off and going sitting in a nearby pub
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