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  1. was a one hit wonder
  2. time to wheel this one out
  3. we're 8th and challenging for a top 6 spot playing some great stuff can't complain
  4. well before my time but Saint & Greavsie was a must watch in the late 80s early 90s just read that it was SKY that killed Saint & Greavsie
  5. pretty much don't want any club to go bust, and it's not the fans doing, but no one complains when you're spending to try and get in and stay in the PL, us included at least Derby's owner probably had the clubs best interests at heart, we had Ken Anderson and then the whole Bassini saga so I couldn't care less if someone else has to go through it
  6. Seems harsh to dismiss a header from a cross
  7. I hope he remained professional enough to update the score on his whiteboard
  8. Fleetwood came from 0-2 to get a draw with a 97th minute penalty
  9. Does the goal v Oxford not count?
  10. First half was a case of finishing, we didn't take our chances, they did Second half we didn't offer much and got quieter as the game went on Definitely missing Bakayoko and hopefully this Amachei has something to offer because 4-4-2 with Doyle and Kachungha up top was wank
  11. There was a bloke in the crowd at palace with a loud speaker mega phone thing Sounds like a job for @Traf
  12. Aye When they were shit they reckoned their support was what made them a big club as big as anyone else Now they're good even their own manager calls out their support for being a bit shit
  13. Amusing watching city fans squirm at their manager calling them out for being shit
  14. The way Wilder left Sheff Utd's domineering owners suggests to me he'll go nowhere near the forest job
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