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  1. never really been convinced by Sheehan other than being a player who may chip in with the odd tidy goal saw this twitter thread recently going on about our style of play, and how important a player like Sheehan is in it, and what he does I suppose anyone could do it, but, if he's good at what he does in IE's style of play, then fine, happy for him to stay
  2. Not sure IE took a punt and gave him a chance, having been impressed at conference level He showed himself not to be good enough So was replaced and demoted to the bench When he got further chances in cup games, as is the way with second choice keepers, he showed repeatedly that he wasn't good enough And now he's gone back to the conference
  3. I'd happily be a Leicester Get promoted, great escape, win title, win fa cup, few European seasons, get relegated
  4. mate went a few weeks ago, so took in Barcelona v Real Sociedad now bear in mind, RS are/were chasing a top 4 CL place, and this is all they took
  5. Almeria got an 87th min pen to get a drawm 3-3 and stay up so Valldolid went down, drew 0-0 at home, 80% possession, 15 attempts on goal, none on traget
  6. they do it all the time, as in, move fixtures with next to fuck all notice a mate booked tickets for his 40th to go watch Mallorca v Real Madrid - arriving something like Thursday and flying back Monday week or so before, they moved it to Monday night
  7. Always the case in la Liga Pretty much all season games are played one by one over the weekend Then they play matches that affect each other in relevant batches on the last day
  8. Valencia losing and on the brink but can't go down because valldolid play getafe which is 0-0 Valladolid in bottom 3 but if they score getafe go below Valencia on goal difference If Valencia pull one back and valldolid score, getafe would be ok as Almeria would be in bottom 3 Unless they beat already relegated Espanol (currently 1-1)
  9. Don't think that all the big clubs don't have normal, innocent fans Look at the fans reactions when it came up the other season No one other than owners who want to make money want it
  10. 5 games bout to kick off in La Liga six of them could go potentially go down with 1 spot left 2 playing each other
  11. Belfast all seemed normal to me till I walked past a police station Then later saw a police van Little things like that make you realise you're in a foreign country
  12. I'll be ready and waiting to unplug them
  13. And non more so than Bolton
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