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  1. And one more as was going on about Coleman being off his line No where near 19k
  2. Another I took to send a mate as I thought the bloke there looked like Roy Hodgson As you can see there's no fucker there
  3. Well this person is privvy to the numbers and no reason to make them up Not sure why you'd doubt it, unless you think they're making it up, but if you don't believe it, that's ok Midweek, on TV, very small away following, sparse home ends Certainly nearer 10k than 17k Often the case midweek
  4. we will we know a member of the turnstile team, they know exactly how many come through the gate before the official attendance is announced we knew there was only 10k on v Oxford just before they announced it as 19k as they told us on whatsapp, as they do most games
  5. Zico


    not playing our strongest XI whiffs of Lisbon
  6. Zico


    Bloke I know emailed the EFL
  7. Zico


    I'll post it again
  8. Looking at results not sure Bradford could've been 17th if Doncaster 18th? this would be Doncaster's 10th win in a row Whereas Bradford 4 in 5 In any case We showed where a good run in L2 gets you
  9. And Cambridge up against in form Wycombe
  10. Your mask has slipped Stella is Belgian
  11. Zico


    My sky app says the same
  12. Posh Spice lose They play a weak team Saturday We smash them 4-0 Derby crumble We finish second It's back on
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