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  1. that's what I thought seems he's improved Newcastle get 40%
  2. Remember Adam Armstrong? Seems a few PL teams eying him up and he'll go for around £15m
  3. Fuck me, how things change Greenwood it is then
  4. Are Bromilow Arms and Barnstormers open?
  5. Zico


    that is what you call "tough shit" even better if we win 5-0 serves him right for catching it
  6. Zico


    aye, or like when the light at the end of the tunnel turns out to be an oncoming train
  7. Zico


    fair enough when I got pinged and told to isolate last week due to apparent close contact, the only thing I didn't do was go to the gym apart from that, did a test every day which came back negative so walked the dog, went for a run and nipped the shops with mask on etc (nothing really changed apart from the gym) way I see it now, in my day to day life the only ones at risk are most likely to be those who haven't had a jab, and as most have been offered i'm fine with crackign on with caution the fact that double jabbed don't have to isolate after august 16th, and that wales
  8. Zico


    Personally, I'd take a test everyday and if negative on Saturday make the trip You're double jabbed so chances of passing it on greatly reduced too Or go via Wales where double jabbed don't have to isolate from Saturday Which goes to show that you're ok to crack on with minimal risk Or to put it more succinctly, fuck it
  9. Ketsbia was 97/98 when we lost 2-1 to his iniury time winner The free kick was 01/02, we lost 3-2, was at that one, Nicky Southall scored a great goal for us
  10. Zico


    aye, to be fair, it was a daft thing to moan about given its every man for himself out there now
  11. Zico


    The covid police weren't happy he went to a shop to buy a test PCRs are fine even if isolating, the whole process is extremely cautious, one of the few times it actually felt like I was part of a serious pandemic like in a film or something
  12. Speaking of Ian Walker and Bolton https://youtu.be/NqR_qvC3O2M
  13. Quick Google Ipswich 12k Sunderland 21k Sheff weds some bloke on a forum guessing 16k Pompey 13k Charlton 8k
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