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  1. Zico

    Neil Hart

    Watches Mrs Brown's Boys
  2. To be fair to Evans he went to court and cleared his name
  3. Jussi was the best keeper in the PL behind Van Der Saar and Cech even though his kicks weren't straight and he went down to his knees too early too often
  4. Plus Declan John first, last and anytime
  5. Am confident enough to double up to £2 this week
  6. Aye The first weekend was tough but I knew I wouldn't crumble However All I could think about was counting down the days and how long It actually was I was constantly looking forward to it but in a driven to distraction type of way Couldn't be doing with 100 days
  7. They could also easily film one after the event and pretend they did it before the event and pretend they are all
  8. First beer of the year Cheers
  9. Zico

    Neil Hart

    he goes and sits in the audience for his tv shows, and laughs outragousely in the hope of getting on tv
  10. aye partidge just doesn't work live on stage none of it seems natural, all forced, trying too hard because folk have paid money to come watch i'd pay to watch him do his radio show in his little booth
  11. aye, totally get that to get a conviction and be found guilty you have to do things properly thing for me is, he's not been found not guilty, but the case has been dropped it really looks like he still did it Utd won't want him, because of that, so who will really, it's not a good look to take him on
  12. Zico


    looks like they've sold out the "normal" size one, but still got mini ones dunno what happened to the blog post with stretches, but it's on the wayback machine: found this stretches post which pretty much covers the same ones https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317920?utm_source=ReadNext#stretches-for-pain-relief
  13. finsihed first series of the Mandolorian enjoyed it, was hoping for something more edgy/gritty like Andor, but it was all good old Star Wars fun in the end then watched Stratagem Love Coogan, Partridge etc but this was utter shite his stand up shows back in the 90s were very good with Paul/Pauline Calf, Duncan Thickett, Bernard Righton etc but his more recent live stuff in paritcular Partidge has been very poor
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