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  1. Was thinking the same Crawford's show reel at Doncaster also got me moist Hopefully he is much better
  2. This one in the replies
  3. those days are fondly remembered by @Spider
  4. Zico

    Name The Ground

    Everton based on the blue kit That said i know the actual answer, but I'm not saying
  5. Depends who's already in the list
  6. Aye, thought fulham and Bournemouth would run away with but Blackburn kept at it and got some momentum QPR will fancy their chances as well
  7. Plenty of pointless answers in the ANC this time round
  8. Still plenty time for Brentford to tumble into the bottom three
  9. As far as "first goals for Bolton" go I can only think of Anelka scoring as good if not a better one
  10. There's a better one filmed from behind the goal going around on whatsapp
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