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  1. Good news. Talk of further restrictions on betting advertising so lots of clubs could be looking for new non-gambling related sponsors.
  2. Enjoyed his little cameo with us but 32 years old and 24 games for Scunthorpe last season. Shows the level of their ambition if they sign him
  3. Currently reading Kieran McGuire's The Price of Football. Average wage in L2 is apparently around £75k pa. In L1 double that. I guess if you have players like Tutte and Delaney who can do a squad job you might be able to save a bit on wages and pay new and quality arrivals more. Presumably those like Doyle and Sarce had wage increases built into their contracts if we got promoted.
  4. Bolton and the North West a little oasis today in the middle of all this.
  5. Latest 3 month forecast from the Met Office. Will be updated in 8 days time. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/binaries/content/assets/metofficegovuk/pdf/business/public-sector/civil-contingency/3moutlook-mjj-v2.pdf
  6. Much diminished day. Didn't realise it was cup final day until 30 minutes ago. Grandstand use to be along the lines of: 11:15 Team hotels 12:00. It's a Cup Final Knockout and/or Question of Sport 13:00 Follow the team coaches to Wembley by helicopter 14:30 Community singing/Abide with me. 15:00. A game of football 17:15 Dr Who Cracking day.
  7. Iles reporting that IE meeting each player individually on Monday and retained/released list out later next week.
  8. Schindler already signed for FC Nurnberg - not a trial.
  9. For 10 years we've been carrying players with contracts given for pjaying in our previous higher division. For the first time in many a year we have scope to increase our paybill to the level we can afford in Div 1 - whatever that is.
  10. Flanagan went to Bolton School and worked on the Lancashire Telegraph.
  11. There's a role for Gilks, Baptiste and Doyle next year, but these 3 positions we should be looking upwards for. Plenty of clubs above us will still be having cash flow problems and be shedding quality Div 1 level players. Happy to pick up good young guns from League 2 and below though.
  12. Very sad, what a waste, so young. Walker Avenue was always posh to me (it was relative). Gran lived round the corner on Rishton Lane and my mate in Hampton Road. Last time I was down there Walkers Institute were still playing football and cricket there.
  13. Shirt, stadium or club investment?
  14. For the best but must be shit living in a hotel room on Middlebrook during lockdown. Kioso had similar issues with it as I recall. Many would have buckled down and got on with it, but we're all different.
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