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  1. What's a mid tier ribbon? Are we going to have an (annoying) electronic advertising board between ESL and ESU?
  2. The fans relationship with ex players is always a bit warped depending on views about perceptions of whether they did us over or dissed us after they left or still love us. E.g Stubbs, Reid, McAteer, Le Fondre, Dapo etc. Connell left a few weeks after his 18th birthday so still a child when discussions with Celtic were probablyunderway. He didn't sign for Wigan but a huge club, who were the ones (not Connell) who appeared to do us over on the fee we expected. We were skint. No doubt his representatives played their part in that, but that's what they are there for. Less transfer fee = bigger contract. He did react to the abuse he got here last autumn but his public views have been far more conciliatory recently. Decent player but unlikely to come back and given his woeful shot yesterday not likely to improve our scoring record.
  3. Great header but keeper shud have kept that out.
  4. Anderson's had a great game.
  5. Think the one on loan to Lincoln from Brighton is out of contract as well. Loads of loan keepers in our league this last year.
  6. Coached by an expert when a child in the academy - KN.
  7. Interesting article about Chris Markham's work on penalties whilst working in the England set up. Pity we didn't get the chance to put his knowledge to work. https://trainingground.guru/articles/edwards-and-simpson-pay-tribute-to-england-penalty-project-after-wins
  8. Got the makings of a Carlsberg(!) day.
  9. Exeter after Sheehan is his story apparently.
  10. I was there to see the 81-82 season. Can't beat it yet but showing promise. About time Sky give them some air time. A Challenge Cup final would be excellent, if not for the wallet!
  11. The Athletic's Matt Slater has said the 125% bond the EFL want paying is £2.35m. Which would mean monthly wages are £1.88m each month or £22.5m per annum. Madness.
  12. Not a challenger. Another club up for sale and f**ked. Fleetwood Town https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/65723365
  13. Yes staggering. £15m a year on crowds averaging 14k.
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