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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Good luck wanderers against sporting lisboa!!! GROBARI-sce. IRR-BGD PARTIZAN FC BELGRADE!
  2. i want to have a Bolton wanderers supporters t-shirt and i want to change with someone if anyone have some good wanderers t-shirt.I can send some good ultra supportrers material of my group GROBARI or some good material of Serbian supportrers. Thanx beforehand!
  3. maybe u r right mate.Maybe it's better for us to be live in future without Kosovo because there are full of albanian bastards.They are very dirty people really.And USA have in Kosovo private interests.Because that USA and albanian separatists on Kosovo are friends.Dirty muslims! For us Kosovo always will be Serbia!!!!
  4. It's ok song.Cool n relaxe music.Maybe can win in Belgrade on eurosong.Who want come on eurosong?If anyone want come and need a tickets,write me on pm and i will try to find a tickets.
  5. Casino,would u want to visit eurosong and need a tickets?
  6. We Serbs never will accept this shit about Kosovo independence.This is just because USA private interests.What UK people think about this Kosovo independence?
  7. I think that i can get a tickets for eurosong.Why?U want come on eurosong?And which UK entry?About Kosovo or?
  8. independence of Kosovo? For me and all Serbian people,Kosovo is Serbia!!! We are against of this independence of course because Kosovo is part of Serbia thousand years ago.It's american busines and USA have big interests in Kosovo and because that they want to Kosovo have independence!!!
  9. Best wishes to Bolton supporters and Bolton FC from Serbia and supporters of Partizan fc-Belgrade especialy from supporters sections IRRIDUCIBILI BELGRADO,VANDAL BOYS,BRAIN DAMAGE,YOUNG BOYS,EROTICA and YOUNG ALCATRAZ!!!
  11. Bolton supporters is really amazing guys.I met some guys in Belgrade and me and my friends had a really good time together.Ans congratulations because Bolton win against red star.We like that a lot!!! GROBARI-IRRIDUCIBILI PARTIZAN FC-BELGRADE-SERBIA!!! Best wishes for a Bolton guys!!!
  12. But we (GROBARI) supporters of Partizan FC will drink and having fun together with Bolton fans and will be a guides in Belgrade and of course we will support Bolton together with Bolton fans from the same side against red star and we hope that Bolton will win. cheers and welcome in Belgrade!!!
  13. the best and biggest pub in Belgrade is EXCLUSIV it's in centre in Belgrade in street Knez Mihailova and have also a good pub in Skadarlija.If anyone need help about pubs and caffes just ask me :-) and we can drink and having fun together
  14. 1 impotant thing for everyone who will come in Belgrade on match red star-Bolton.Change money just in banks and don't change in street.Because a lot of people in streets will ask to change a money. 8000 dinars is 100 euro.If anybody have any question or need any help about trip in Belgrade just write me on pm.Because i have a lot more imortant things to tell to Bolton fans.Welcome here and enjoy our beautiful Belgrade! cheers
  15. welcome in Belgrade Bolton supporters! We GROBARI supporters of PARTIZAN FC-BELGRADE will be also with Bolton this day against red star and we would be like if Bolton will win in Belgrade Also me n my friends from my group want to make a company to Bolton supporters in the same side against red star and after match we can together go in some pub to celebrate :-) We like a beer a lot n we have a very good beers here and also it's very cheap :-) nice combination :-) 1 beer of 0,5 liter in good pubs is about 1,5 euro cheers
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