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  1. Renewed for me and my 2 lads on Monday. £328 for us all in the North Lower with Lifeline Discount. Superb value 👏
  2. Any win will do. If we lose then we can forget the Automatics Nervy 1-0
  3. Massive game tonight Shame we can’t attend. there would have been thousands there tonight COYWM
  4. We look in control of the game at HT. Biggest 45 mins of the season now. Let’s press on and put a statement out to the rest of the league
  5. We needed a change of luck which we have certainly had in the past couple of games. Now we need to up the performances especially at home. This wont be an easy game. 2 - 1
  6. Piemon


    35/1 betfair to finish top 3
  7. Piemon


    Our luck is about to change 0 -2
  8. Any win will do but it would be nice to beat someone nicely at home.
  9. My old man has watched the Wanderers since March 25 1953 (PNE at home I’m told first game) anyway he’s said he’s never felt as discouraged with recent home performances. The worst run of results in all that time! Cheltenham 1-1 Crawley 0-1 Tranmere 0-3 and Port Vale 3-6. How long before FV realise that IE isn’t the man the take this great club forward?
  10. There's been plenty shite talked on here in past 20 years but leaving Santos out is right up there. Blip last week we go again today 1-2 Doyle,Santos
  11. Piemon


    No room for complacency. Any win please .
  12. Solid and dangerous going forward. A lovely mix. it’s on
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