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  1. Good workout as mentioned. We more than matched them especially second half. Morley looks like he’s been in the gym over the summer, seems to have bulked up. I’m happy with our squad going into the first weekend of the season. Just hope we can keep it tight at the back
  2. Good solid 1st day for Lancs at Kent today let’s hope it’s the sign of things to come this season in the CC
  3. Enjoyed today with no pressure etc. We kept on going until the end as usual. Big day out for Sheff ruined nicely. Hope that goal from MJ hurts them come May.
  4. Anyone know how much it costs to upgrade a child’s ST to an adult generally?
  5. Picking ourselves up after their equaliser was the most impressive thing for me last night. That and the quality of Morley’s set plays. Hard earned 3 points, onto Saturday now COYWM
  6. What’s happened to throwing bog roll on when we score??
  7. Renewed for me and my 2 lads on Monday. £328 for us all in the North Lower with Lifeline Discount. Superb value 👏
  8. Any win will do. If we lose then we can forget the Automatics Nervy 1-0
  9. Massive game tonight Shame we can’t attend. there would have been thousands there tonight COYWM
  10. We look in control of the game at HT. Biggest 45 mins of the season now. Let’s press on and put a statement out to the rest of the league
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