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  1. Cattle Market, what a place, used to meet Mr H on a Tuesday for Quiz Night then get the train back to Widnes Thoroughly pissed, woke up in Liverpool many times and had to get a taxi home. Could go in anytime and knew everybody.
  2. Its about £350K so thanks, means only a couple of years to work, woo hoo
  3. Thanks all, I met BD somewhere on one of our european trips possibly Lisbon or Marseille and I spoke to him once pissed up (me not him) but I'll message him at some point, not for a few years yet but I'd like to know if I can retire early, Im a lazy cunt and dont wanna work til Im 60ish
  4. You do amuse me Sweep, where the fuck do you get your imagination from. Probably one of the only people on here that make me smile these days
  5. Well I like gambling and I like investing in Stocks, probably done it about 20 years, in fact I had 2 years off work in 2010 and did nothing but trading so thats not an issue, just wondered about tax etc
  6. Right in a few years I can take out of my pension, probably be a tidy sum, I paid in since I was a kid and now I get to take 25% out which Im gonna do, couple of hundred grand but is there any negatives in taking money out? Well apart from the obvious pension will be less
  7. Well it would be Manchester so ignore me Im half pissed
  8. Given BB is a good lad, the WW outing has been revised to Manchester Friday 9th April in Manchester. Be there or be a bummer
  9. I suspect both, I'll do an Ani and lose a day. Ani will have to come so I can steal his jacket. (that a WW Sportmans reference)
  10. BB - Big Bummer, he dont post a lot we make him stand under the stands in the naughty corner
  11. I'd have thought so but take the fear and embrace it. You only live once
  12. Right 23 April is a Friday so Warrington, Train directly there, stay over and get cunted Wanderersways outing to watch the Stranglers so far Widnes, Rudy, Mr Grey, who else?
  13. You are exempt but no other bummers
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