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  1. Good. Glad it was me, still got babybrain and probably didn't read it properly.
  2. http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/wanderers/15466045.Derik_desperate_to_prove_he__39_s_the_Real_deal/ Is it me or does this sound like a player who couldn't give a fuck and didn't give his all for the team last year because it was too hard?! I thought I liked Delboy, but now I think he's got a bad attitude and when the going gets tough, he just doesn't want to know.
  3. Are Beevers and Wheater seeing who can boot the ball the highest?
  4. jagermoot

    Fa Cup

    Great tie. Shame its not in grimsby, steeles chippy is fuckin amazin
  5. Mk were rubbish against Northampton last weekend. I honestly thought we were going to smash them today
  6. jagermoot


    did spearing win the player of the month?
  7. The weird thing about the transfer deadline day is that if you look at all the pics from the players holding the shirts and smiling, they look like they were taken at 12 noon, yet nothing is reported or its all specualtion until 8pm when everything is announce and then it becomes "breaking news".
  8. I think he does have his name on his forearm
  9. I like vela too. Seems he played his best when he was on loan. I still think their is hope for him yet, just needs a confirmed position and some confidence and i think he'll come good
  10. i can take this even nerdier. have you read the turtles/ghostbusters crossover? good fun. spoiler alert, they killed off Donatello recently too.
  11. i'm with PP in everyone has a clean slate. Lets see them prove that they are sorry for last season.
  12. Lofty has a belly on him since he stopped doin the hulk hogan poses
  13. Should be an interesting game today.
  14. I'd be happy to keep him and have him as captain
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