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  1. Yes if we stay where we are...Not a chance if we go up
  2. Stockton released earlier today......Will be a few after him i would think
  3. Millwall have had a 2,5m bid for Hibs Kevin Nisbet accepted. Seems its between us and Wigan now for his signature
  4. Its his son Liam. I have said Rory about 10 times
  5. If this signing is a view of either him or Mc Neil coming for another season next year i am for it Think Liam Delap is also on that list at 23 he has about 3 goals in 25 in the Championship this season. The top 3 clubs in the N/W trust us with there BEST youngsters got to be a positive.
  6. I can remember Evatt quoting that Toal was the best defender he had watched when looking for a centre back last summer. Came with a injury a bit like Dempsey but we are now seeing why Evatt signed them both
  7. That was his dad, doubt he would last 15mins now
  8. See Stoke have cut short Delap loan........Could this be the exciting player Evatt is hinting at. Good relationship with City
  9. Never played a senior first team game......Compared with Andy Robertson Lets give him a chance
  10. his roll is to drum up support
  11. Be blown away around bonfire night
  12. Though i am in no way writing MJ off.....just options
  13. I think we already have the solution in our squad Johnson to step in the MJ Role Iredale to step into the left hand side of the 3 problem solved
  14. Unibol is to be re-named after the end of next season and are in discussions with a major sponsor for both stadium and shirt rights. Any ideas anyone???
  15. hold my hand up i was not convinced when he came in.......He is still not the answer as he wont be here long term. Mixed feelings if he comes back next season..................Is he good enough yes certainly but sooner rather than later we need a new long term keeper
  16. when i was a young boy...My Father said to me
  17. masi 51


    it means you put a tenner on and collect £20 Better offer on the first race at Cheltenham......put £10 on if your horse wins great.....if it loses they refund you your tenner
  18. Johnson will take MJ Williams place long term or will be gone............Never a centre back in a month of Sundays Would love us to get Jack Iredale on the left of the three
  19. This.........Time we plan for next season.....Start Sadlier,Dempsey.Jones and Lee last few Games Aimson,Baka, Katchunga, Mj thank them for there service and lets move on
  20. Take fossey £2m and Dapo coming back on loan next season ............Or £5m and add ons
  21. That one point instead of 3 just may send them back to where they belong
  22. Think it dropped 3% on the fire at the power plant may recover Monday but it may drop another25% in the coming months I would try and protect your investments until all this shit is over 5% you can ride out
  23. Wonder if it Matty Cash in hand
  24. If you have access to your online pension you can change your investments to cash related investments which wont gain you anything but on the same score you wont have big losses. Once there is stability you can then move them back again Mine take 3 days to move and you can end up still getting burned but if you act early enough and try and get them moved when you can see major hits coming you can ride these hits until you retire
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