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  1. year this week we lost 6-3 at home....Enjoy where we are and have a great evening
  2. I cannot believe some of the comments on here yesterday from so called people in the know. First of all i have no clue to what went on pre the Wigan/Plymouth games. What i do know is that you dont have a set too or hissy fit in the morning then sign a lucrative 2 and a half year deal in the afternoon. Think the offer would have been on the table for a while and it eventually got into Sarcevics mind. I for one dont blame him for going its a business for players he owes us nothing and we owe him nothing.
  3. Re call Politic or Darcy....if possible
  4. This time two seasons ago we was on minus points.....Chill out Evatt will get it right
  5. If nothing else Evatt knows he has a decent 11 but not a lot of a back up....be reet once a few contracts run out next May
  6. Brockbank was exposed on Saturday......he has not played a lot of football this year no fucking way am i having a go at him he just needs a little more protection which isgrove would give him.
  7. holds my hands up........no way am i dropping him Thomason out left would get in if lee does not make it other than that he is benched
  8. And mine.......just my thoughts nothing more In Evatt we trust
  9. I may be have a struggle to convince you otherwise as you get paid for coaching football i do not. Yes i can see what your saying with this triangular pattern that is installed in everyone and yes the two banks of 4 takes that completly away. He changed systems last November and that did him ok Just think we have to try and throw the odd curve ball in now and again What we all agree is that we are weak with both Sarcevic and Sheehan in the same team and Doyle needs help
  10. Agree with Baptiste lacking pace and i have to agree with you now on him over Brocky We all know Isgrove is the better option wide over Bakayoko, Brocky will get the protection that was lacking Saturday
  11. nope i wont come on here and moan Evatt knows best and he gets paid to select the team i do not. Back him whatever team he sends out.....Just my view on a forum that has no relevance what so ever If he goes 4231 tonight and we win i will be delighted and chuffed to be proven wrong
  12. Thomason is all left foot he started out as left back he is comfortable all down the left hand side.....Adapt ...really they have to a man played 442 most of there lives. Its all about opinions and mine is we go same system same result I am not saying go 442 for any longer than we have to, but we currently do not have the personal to play 4231....If nothing else it will give Doyle the help he needs. And it would also send Lowe a curveball at our team selection
  13. One of the things Evatt said last season we can change formations and its horses for courses Play the same formation as Saturday with the same team........Same outcome I would like us for this game at the least go traditional 442 Every player we have was brought up on that system so no great shock. Flat back 4 with Baptiste at right back Midfield 4 of Isgrove mj lee/sarcevic Thomason on the left and Doyle Bakayoko up top Not a chance in hell he will go that but i can hope
  14. Baps at r/b for Brocky Aimson for Santos and lee for sheehan
  15. Wigan saying sold out......how many have they been given
  16. Does this mean the end of Goldline, Lifeline, Golden Goal etc............Or are they just being hypocrites forget it its been covered earlier moves on
  17. Dont think its even a Bad day at the office, could be a good one if we learn. Think we may surprise Sunderland Saturday. Even if we dont we are moving in the right direction
  18. Want to exchange there 5k peninsular stadium for the 12k AJ Bell stadium.....Sale sharks would stay and share with Salford. Quote on MEN Website by a Salford City fan i think its a good idea because if we go up this season we will get bigger crowds. Not much makes me chuckle in football but.........
  19. Not convinced..yes i want to be No one has not got a clue how much our owners have pumped into our club.............hell we have no idea who ALL the owners are I keep getting told the has been two 20m loans taken out 3.75 has it been paid or refinanced..............Time we was told our future plans!!
  20. Think Johnson, Dapo and Sheehan are Championship players.....John and Santos perhaps Dont see past those
  21. Bogdan on bench against England tonight
  22. Brandon Barker [winger] Rangers is the latest name mooted
  23. Got hooked on the 28th min mark........not sure if injury or they realised he aint no centre half
  24. masi 51

    MK Dons (H)

    agreed a good back up and he will have earned his coaching money if he can improve Dixons communication skills Others are saying you cannot write him off.........nobody are Its Evatts and Gilkes call, and they will be the two who know when the times right
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