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  1. Unibol is to be re-named after the end of next season and are in discussions with a major sponsor for both stadium and shirt rights. Any ideas anyone???
  2. hold my hand up i was not convinced when he came in.......He is still not the answer as he wont be here long term. Mixed feelings if he comes back next season..................Is he good enough yes certainly but sooner rather than later we need a new long term keeper
  3. when i was a young boy...My Father said to me
  4. masi 51


    it means you put a tenner on and collect £20 Better offer on the first race at Cheltenham......put £10 on if your horse wins great.....if it loses they refund you your tenner
  5. Johnson will take MJ Williams place long term or will be gone............Never a centre back in a month of Sundays Would love us to get Jack Iredale on the left of the three
  6. This.........Time we plan for next season.....Start Sadlier,Dempsey.Jones and Lee last few Games Aimson,Baka, Katchunga, Mj thank them for there service and lets move on
  7. Take fossey £2m and Dapo coming back on loan next season ............Or £5m and add ons
  8. That one point instead of 3 just may send them back to where they belong
  9. Wonder if it Matty Cash in hand
  10. Sheehan to come back would not mind Iredale who is out of contract at Cambridge as LCH or LWB
  11. I see Johnston as a DM long term once we get in the Dominant centre back to play alongside Santos MJ was more effective in the old system and struggles with the new one.......Same as Katchunga will once deemed fit
  12. hands held up ....not for us, had a couple with accy, hence why he got dropped MJ never had a 2/10 or Doyle but we are moving on If Trafford is going to be our long term keeper i dont mind him learning and dropping bollocks. And there lies my issue
  13. Strange one Trafford...love his attitude and yes he will get better, dont want to knock him but he will cost us points. Would love to have the 25 year old Trafford but thats not going to happen
  14. will look a 9/10 keeper one week and a 2/10 the following week....love his attitude but for me we need better next season Nothing against the lad but he is not what we need next season
  15. We simply will run out of games, but enjoy it while it lasts
  16. Exactly how i felt last Febuary/March. We all enjoyed the improvement in the team and i was not that bothered if we did not go up. I was confident we would stroll promotion this season if we had stayed down. Since then we have gone up another level where some of those players i was looking forward to seeing in lge 2 have fallen behind/sold and the replacements are streets ahead better than what we had. We stay down we will be there or thereabouts next may with the improvements we bring in the summer.....Get promoted we wont be looking at those players we will be stepping up again. The board understands that Evatt does because he has two lists and us fans understand it........its Evolution
  17. These players are NOT Bolton fans as much as they kiss the badge. Having a promotion on there CV does more good than harm and if a player falls out of the first team picture. He then can sit on his contract that will have improved on getting promotion, or he can get a decent signing on fee and move back down a league
  18. Sadlier and Dempsey start Saturday for me
  19. not a clue but he ripped a good contract up at Milwall and Xav is a £2.9m player Evatt said he took a big drop but we have invested heavy in him
  20. Did not realise how good Jones was at organising as i have said..... Gilks took care of that last season Dont think its currently broke so does not need fixing if they are both happy
  21. They have a way of dealing with that nowadays they diplomatically make two captains and do away with the vice captain. Dress it up all you want but Jones talks Santos through games and Santos listens does not really matter who spins the coin
  22. certainly was due to the fact he captained another club in this league......your point being?
  23. fair point, but do you know what he was offered..........Evatt said he wont put the club in debt and fair play for him for that but would he have wanted what we are paying Bodvarrson or Amaechi
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