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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Seems like Evatt plan b if he cannot get Dempsey is Matt Butcher.........Accrington attacking midfielder Rotherham and Peterborough also in for him
  2. Winger with no pace yet is skilful and can put a set piece in.......Isgrove mark 2
  3. Fonz has a choice move out on loan and put himself in the shop window for next season or play the odd game in our reserves and see his contract out. Would think he was ok financially so i can see him moving on and not burning bridges
  4. let it go and put your fishing rod away
  5. Would offer Fulham a nominal fee now for Fossey get him tied up on a longish contract now
  6. Best long range passer in our team
  7. Lowe Hill maybe Brockbank and Edwards had the odd game as captain......Try to forget that season
  8. Ideal to put him in Jones vice captaincy. By the way many have come in and made captain straight away Sarcevic springs to mind
  9. He knows how far down the road he is with the deal to bring him in.....Santos is not a leader full stop. Not vocal enough and i think it has effected his game. All about opinions nothing more
  10. 3.2k messages you must have contributed one of some meaning in that lot
  11. Think Evatt has missed a trick with Dempsey [if we get him] Perfect leader
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