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  1. Dont agree that the league is stronger a lot of teams are rebuilding...........If we can get off to a flyer we may stay there Dont think we will be in any relegation fight........Anything above top 10 will do for this season
  2. Paul Mullin signs for WREXHAM FFS
  3. Throwing my 10p in Evatt now trusts both keepers and to be honest its when not if Dixon makes the number 1 spot his own. I think both Gilks and Evatt will want Dixon in the team from day one, but he may be eased in sooner rather than later We dont have 2 keepers competing against each other so i think they may gel on and off the pitch If Gilks can get Dixon to replicate his organisation skills we may have a decent keeper for the next few years
  4. looks like Amadou Bakayoko from Coventry will be the next through the door......Quality if true
  5. The is a player in Clarke, but the fact that he never played a league game last season because of constant hamstring issues should set alarm bells ringing. He would only come as back up and play if and when needed
  6. I think we now need a keeper, left back and another forward...............Hope John signs at l/b Would then make getting a quality keeper and forward in, even if we pay top wages to get them. Piggott or Jay would do on a free Jethcott fee paid or someone like Ellis Simms at Everton on loan. Keeper try and get Cheltenhams keeper who was on loan from West Brom Josh Grittiths only 19 but looks class or Portsmouth keeper who was released despite being player of the season for them.
  7. A bad Tribute act !!
  8. If and its a big if we got back to back promotions we would need to rebuild I dont think Jones or Isgrove would step up, but hey i would love to be proved wrong.
  9. They cannot police anything yes the pubs will bring in there 6 tables along churchgate Be better concentrating on the bands of con artists stood at every traffic light in the town centre....And not its council tax payers the shithouses 12 of them could not be bothered to attend a council meeting this week
  10. Time stands still for no man and yes Baptiste is coming to a end with his playing days at Bolton...........Form is not the issue age is. So yes i would like Evatt to try and get someone in at the side of Santos sooner rather than later. Does not mean i am critical of Baptiste in any way shape or form
  11. What attitude with Baptiste....Barring the first three games he was brilliant, but he is getting no younger. Glad he got a new contract but at the end of the day he will be 36 playing in a league higher. I hope he has another cracking season but he is not the future, Going back to Isgrove and Jones they both had a great end to the season but for me the jury is still out They both got dropped in lge 2.....What i am saying was if we get promoted again can they step up. Evatt thinks they can that will do for me
  12. Not get a fee for either
  13. Thats why i am not sure about the 2 year contracts given to Jones and Isgrove If we did get back to back promotions and its a big if we would have them both for a season in the championship. Add Comley to those three and its a expensive pay off, but thats what we may have to do. For what its worth i cannot see Greenidge and Gordon being on decent wages but the other two we may have to take a hit on
  14. Of course we would....Just think the lad or his agent are deluded
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