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  1. Dont think its even a Bad day at the office, could be a good one if we learn. Think we may surprise Sunderland Saturday. Even if we dont we are moving in the right direction
  2. Want to exchange there 5k peninsular stadium for the 12k AJ Bell stadium.....Sale sharks would stay and share with Salford. Quote on MEN Website by a Salford City fan i think its a good idea because if we go up this season we will get bigger crowds. Not much makes me chuckle in football but.........
  3. Not convinced..yes i want to be No one has not got a clue how much our owners have pumped into our club.............hell we have no idea who ALL the owners are I keep getting told the has been two 20m loans taken out 3.75 has it been paid or refinanced..............Time we was told our future plans!!
  4. Think Johnson, Dapo and Sheehan are Championship players.....John and Santos perhaps Dont see past those
  5. Bogdan on bench against England tonight
  6. Brandon Barker [winger] Rangers is the latest name mooted
  7. Got hooked on the 28th min mark........not sure if injury or they realised he aint no centre half
  8. masi 51

    MK Dons (H)

    agreed a good back up and he will have earned his coaching money if he can improve Dixons communication skills Others are saying you cannot write him off.........nobody are Its Evatts and Gilkes call, and they will be the two who know when the times right
  9. masi 51

    MK Dons (H)

    Yes i have Dixon is the future....but it is a step to far now for Gilkes his reactions have gone you cannot beat father time, play him in the papa john lge cup what ever they are calling him this season but Dixon needs to get that number 1 spot as soon as Gilkes can coach Dixon to be as good as he is communicating with his defence
  10. masi 51

    MK Dons (H)

    Thank you for last season Gilkes............Father time has caught up Midfield we was a yard off the pace first half...Robson ran the show for them Bakayoko was Brilliant in the attacking half and a liability defensively Defending corners we need both Dapo and Bakayoko on either side of the halfway line and a release Overall i enjoyed the game and see us getting better Evatt will sort it
  11. I can certainly see why he lowered his expectations from earlier in the summer Got to give him a chance at least
  12. masi 51

    MK Dons (H)

    Dont see Gilks or Santos starting just wont be fit
  13. Dont agree that the league is stronger a lot of teams are rebuilding...........If we can get off to a flyer we may stay there Dont think we will be in any relegation fight........Anything above top 10 will do for this season
  14. Paul Mullin signs for WREXHAM FFS
  15. Throwing my 10p in Evatt now trusts both keepers and to be honest its when not if Dixon makes the number 1 spot his own. I think both Gilks and Evatt will want Dixon in the team from day one, but he may be eased in sooner rather than later We dont have 2 keepers competing against each other so i think they may gel on and off the pitch If Gilks can get Dixon to replicate his organisation skills we may have a decent keeper for the next few years
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