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  1. could see him rocking up at somewhere like Luton
  2. masi 51

    Matt Gilks

    Time waits for no man he will be playing a league higher and a year older. Some good points on here.............Would he be the same influence with crowds in and he is struggling on low shots. He has been brilliant this year and i hope he is on the bench each game next season. A keeper has got to be Evatt main priority Feeling it could be Jenson or more likely Joel Dixon
  3. correct......Having Brockbank on the bench gives Evatt more freedom to put more attack minded players along side him on the bench. Worth a contract for that alone
  4. Agree with all of this..you put it across way better than i did
  5. Nope not moving them on unless they want to go........Same with Fonz. They are contracted to the club but we need replacements for the three we have no keeper, Greenidge, Delaney and Brockbank are not good enough though i would offer Brockbank another contract because he can play in a number of positions. Get a new quality centre half in and let him Santos and Baptiste fight for the two positions Same with Fonz these are the 3 main areas we need improving and we are in a higher league with 3 players not getting younger
  6. Correct and it will mean getting players in better than his three Blackpool mates Gilks,Baptiste and Fonz Decent enough back ups but if they want first team football they should be free to find another club Gilks is Staff and it does not apply to him
  7. Sir Nats cup final worthys at Blackburn Willbraham Forest in that order
  8. Gilks would be a good keeper on the bench............Employed as a coach so a duel purpose role saves a wage Baptiste again a decent sub and one who deserves another year Doyle needs competition but will get goals in lge 1 Evatts signings are a class above Phoenix NIGHT mares
  9. Agree with everything you say there............Maybe try and bring the postman in if he has got the right badges
  10. I am going for Ali Crawford.....Tranmere looked nailed on for automatic promotion before he rocked up in January
  11. Tranmere and Morecambe
  12. Never in doubt !!!!
  13. if they allowed one at 4pm all games must follow
  14. Tinpot league.......................Salford kick off put back to 4 So in effect they will know the other teams scores around them......................just not right
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